Start recycling that old styrofoam

go green and save styrofoam!

Styrofoam is toxic when manufactured and fills up more than thirty percent of landfills worldwide. Many people have no clue that you can recycle and reuse styrofoam in many different ways. These types of material never dissolve or deteriorate as time goes by. In a 100 years, the sytrofoam left in the junk yard, will still be there, somewhere. Not only is it terrible for the earth itself, but it's also very harmful to animals and wild life around the world. Here are a few you can try at home, easy and effective to help reduce landfills across the globe.

First starters, try not to purchase styrofoam in the first place. Try to use other alternate packing when you can. For example, when you can buy eggs in either cardboard or styrofoam, choose to buy the cardboard-packaged eggs. Buy paper or plastic cups instead of styrofoam cups for cooks out and events.

If you receive a package with Styrofoam pellets in the form of packaging, reuse them in the next package you will be sending out. Store them in a trash bag until you will need to send out a large package or even packing for gifts at Christmas or birthdays. It's less expensive than buying tissue paper and packing supplies.

One of the BEST uses for Styrofoam is for potted plants. Crush it up and mix into potting soil. This is great for drainage with your plants as well as makes your potting soil last longer. While the Styrofoam will never dissolve, you won't have to worry about buying more potting soil for your plants.

Keep unneeded Styrofoam in a trash bag until it is full and then take it to your local UPS, USPS or local shipping store. They will usually accept free offers of your Styrofoam and re-use it for packing.