How You Can Save Some Cash Starting Today

Make Your Own Piggy Bank

It seems simple enough, but in reality it's not so easy. We all try to scrape together left over cash and save it, but we always dip into the savings and spend it without realizing it. Instead of your old money saving routine, try new ways to stash your cash! This hub will explain a way very simple ways to save some cash and keep your pockets feeling fuller as time goes by.

Frugal Ways To Save Money

KEEP THE CHANGE! Yes, even pennies add up. This is one of the best ways to save money. Instead of putting your left over change in your purse or pocket - keep it in a jar. Make sure you choose a jar that is a bigger size. This way, you feel the need to fill it up. Every cent you have left over from a dollar, put it in the jar. Instead of keeping it out in the open - stash it in a closet or room you don't use often. Know that it's there to put change in, but you won't be tempted to use it if you can't see it. Seems simple enough, but usually most people end up using it for soda or something else.

CUT DOWN ON BILLS. This is an easy way to save money, but try this way instead. Add up what your paying RIGHT NOW for all your bills combined. Then think of ways to cut them down. Put it to good use and you'll notice that your paying less. Instead of spending the extra money. Figure out from your previous combined bill total and put that money back and don't touch it. In 3 months time, you'll have a good amount saved up.

BUY A SAFE! Create your own little bank account at home. This is a great way to stash a few extra bucks. Try to make it a point out of each check you get to put back 20-50 dollars a week in your safe. Keep it locked and forget it's there until you need to add more cash. You can save easily this way. This way, you are more aware of what you have instead of just going to the ATM to withdraw money.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Try to leave most of your cash at home. When going out shopping, only carry so much with you so you won't over spend.
  • Women, carry your money in your bra. Sounds weird, but your less likely to pull it out in the store when you see something you want.