How you can sock away more money during the recession is a very down to earth guide with some simple to follow steps that will make your savings account grow instead of suffer due to the current state of the economy. Also this guide will help teach you to be better prepared if an emergency of any sort came up or even a sudden job lay off so that way you will be able to have food and a roof over your head when hard times really hit.

Things You Will Need



Plug Ins/Plugs

Step 1

Search High and Low For Coupons- The reason why you should search high and low for coupons is because it can save you hundreds of dollars each month thus leading to more money you can put away each month instead of having to pay full price for an item. Coupons can be found in your local newspaper so it really does pay to get a newspaper subscription in the long run or at least get Sundays paper since thats when the most amount of coupons can be found and be sure to take the time to only clip the coupons you plan to use down the road. It also pays in the long run to organize your coupons with a binder.

Step 2

Ditch The Cable- If you don't watch cable much why waste big money on something you hardly use? If I strike a point why not call your local cable company and make a disconnection if you think you can handle being without cable for awhile. A great way to save money would be to use the internet to watch your daily shows.

Step 3

Just Unplug Everything- If you find that your utility bill is sky high its time to unplug everything that you won't be using during the day or better yet at night the reason for this is that utility companies make this a dirty way to make extra money off of you each month you'd be shock how much more money you would have to place into your saving account instead of making some other guy richer.

Step 4

Search For Samples- If you surf the internet daily then you know about getting free samples on name brands and sometimes with the samples you recieve coupons for that product. This is a great way to save money if your budget is really tight, but you better hope you have plenty of samples to get by for a short while when money is short.

Tips & Warnings