junk mail (34608)

The term "junk mail" is a long-familiar term. To the common guy or gal on the street, "junk mail" to them is advertisement flyers from the local grocery and pizza shop that arrive in their mail each day. To the mail order dealer, it means something completely opposite because a mail order dealer in St Paul MN is not going to get a pizza ad for a store in Jackson MS.

Hence, "junk mail" pertains to pyramid schemes, chain letters and other useless information that you are engulfed with as a newcomer. Often you'll get so much of it that you will think this is all mail order has to give and quit. THIS isn't TRUE. This is only one stage of the mail order industry -- and it's too bad that novices get hit with the bulk of it. As you continue to grow in the mail order business, the quantity of "junk mail" you receive will decrease compared to the legitimate offers and orders. This is how you know your business is developing in a successful direction.

Going back to the matter at hand, how can you make money with this "junk"? One way is by studying and analyzing the piece of mail from a marketing point of view. Since people evidently are making profit with "junk mail" (it would have phased out long since if it didn't) it's up to you to check HOW they are doing it.

Is it the words they apply? Generally, "junk mail" offerings appeal to a person's emotional wants and desires. They claim to give hidden secrets, untold riches and quick cash. They make false claims by stating to people they can now send their children to college, buy their wife a beautiful diamond ring, take a well-deserved vacation to an exotic tropic island and pay all their debts.

When the person reads this material and forms visions of sugarplums in their heads, they'll rush right away and send away for the item at once. What made them believe you? How was the "junk mail" composed to cause a person to instantly react in this manner? These are matters you have to study and ascertain. Then, apply this new found knowledge to sell your own product.

The trouble with "junk mail" is that if a person gets all hyped up and sends away for the product they have made it up to be bigger-than-life. And when the product or information they ordered comes, it simply is a piece of paper or another piece of "junk mail" seeking to sell them something else. The individual feels cheated, stupid, and taken advantage of.

People may constantly exist that will respond to this type of "junk mail." But you can use the same marketing concept to supply the people with something REAL. In this manner, they won't feel cheated, stupid and taken advantage of. This is where the "junk mail" writers who wrote this stuff in the first place neglect the true marketing potential.

More money could be made if the person purchasing something is satisfied and makes a repeat purchase. In fact, newcomers are zealous to learn and will buy anything to get started learning. By capitalizing on them only means that you'll make one sale in that person's lifespan. But if the item is good and worthwhile -- they will order from you over and over. Many newcomers today will be a heavy businesses tomorrow. And I'm sure if a newbie found a dependable company that really helped them break into the mail order field they'd continue to do business with them when they actually did make millions of dollars. See what I mean? The back-end sales for a lifetime would be meriting the investment.

I'm not saying that you can take a piece of "junk mail" exacting to make the person $1 million in 30 days or less and turn it into a useful and worthwhile product. Since this is a downright lie, there's no way to market this honestly. All the same -- you can study the piece of "junk mail" to find out what words and phrases were used and how the ad is composed so you can understand how to present a REAL product that people will be eager to buy.

And so, pass the word and tell each new person you come into contact with about these fly-by-night schemes. You could even want to try writing to a few of the people listed on the chain letters. Explain how all this "junk mail" only appeals to their emotional needs and how the company who originally wrote these materials are USING them to only get their money. If everybody passed along this information -- it would not take very a lot of years before we could put a stop to all this nonsense.