best fat burning foods

Portion control has made huge strides in the diet community, but did you know that you could eat more of the best fat burning foods and still lose weight? The reason that controlling your portions works, is because most of us aren’t eating the right things, so the idea is that if we eat less of those things that are bad for us, we will lose a few pounds.

And while the scale may show that you have progressed your heart, liver, and muscle mass may not. Cleaning up the quality of the food you eat removes the need for ultra-strict portion control altogether. Then you can enjoy more food, feel fuller longer, and be helping your body to naturally burn fat.

This May Surprise You About the Diet Solution

Most people are shocked when they begin to understand the meal plans that are created through the Diet Solution for ultimate fat burning and weight loss. It is often mind blowing that you can eat, and are actually encouraged to eat, so many calories. But the qualities of the calories are what make this program one that works for the long haul.

Far too often people become regimented with cutting out one food group. “I will become a vegetarian, they all look so slim. So see ya meat!” or, “I am going to cut out all carbs, all fat, all sugar, all dairy!” These ideas are great in theory but will not put you in the position to have long-term fat loss and weight loss success.

You cannot possibly keep up such limited diet choices for an extended period of time. And if you do you will be losing certain energy sources, minerals and essential vitamins that each food group offers your body to create a well balanced diet.

Once a strict calorie counter gives into just one piece of bread with dinner or just one slab of butter on their toast, a cycle of weight gain begins again. That's because your body has been in starvation mode- longing for certain types of calories that it has been denied.

Calorie counting is exhausting and ultimately, not a practical way to keep track of your weight. Once the state of your weight becomes a battle within the mind, food is no longer seen as a healthy source to sustain your life, but instead it becomes the enemy.

This type of thinking has the power to destroy a healthy perception of eating and dieting, and can in turn cause some serious issues with food addiction, obsession and misuse.

A Simple Formula to Help You Determine Food Intake for a Healthy Eating Plan

So how does this apply to you practically? Well, I am going to share with you a very simple formula that will help you decide how many calories you should be eating a day.

Remember, no body is the same, so there is no exact way to count calories, or to plug in to some calorie calculator. This formula is a basic guideline that will make eating less or a mystery and more of a necessity with allowances and healthy outcomes.

First, multiply your weight by one of three numbers. Multiply your weight by 13 if you have a slow metabolism and don’t exercise much. Multiply your body weight by 14 if you engage in moderate physical activity three or more times a week, and multiply your body by 15 if you exercise consistently and vigorously and would consider yourself an athlete or active person.

That number is how many calories you should be having a day. This is general number, but one that can give you a better idea of what you should be taking in. Keep in mind: this rule doesn’t apply to Twinkies and cakes. If you should be taking in 1600 a day- those calories need to be coming for healthy options, otherwise this number won’t be helpful.