My Brother Aaron  1962-2010

It is the time of year when we are really focused on our families. The anticipation of Christmas is in the air. What about our soldiers? Do you want to know how you can support our soldiers during this time of the year, and even throughout the next year as well? They do need our support mentally, emotionally, and financially. The impact of your kindness can be for reaching for this group of people. Many of our soldiers become forgotten when they have been overseas for a while. Many of them never hear from anyone back home, and unfortunately, this is a sad fact. But it is a fact that you can change. These men or women are serving our country, and these people have missed a lot of holidays that is meant for family. They have put their lives on the line to ensure our freedoms. We can put a little cheer back into their holiday with a little effort and time.


We know that they have each other, but it still has to be a lonely feeling when all the reminders of the season are pulling on their heart strings. The holidays are lonely for anyone that doesn’t have a family nearby. For some, this can be the most depressing time of the entire year. We know that soldiers are at work 24/7. We can all come home after a full day of work and congregate with our family and friends. Some of us are called work-a-alcoholics if we stay late at the job or bring our work home, however, we always have the option to be at home when we have had enough. Not these people. These people, at a young age, signed up to give that time at home away to serve us. So let’s not forget what they have sacrificed in our honor. Some have families, but some do not. Some realized what they were signing up for, but others have learned over time, the sacrifice they have undertook. Some will come home forever changed, and some will not come home at all. So, if you would like to learn how to support our soldiers, especially during Christmas, then I will provide you with some sites that I think will get you started. You could even make this endeavor into a Christmas tradition for yourself if you are single, or for your family as a whole.

If you have the internet at your disposal, then you can navigate to many sites that will explain how you can help. One of these sites is at The provide many avenues that will aid you in remembering these guys. You can support a hero, as well as, an entire unit. On their site you can sponsor a hero, sponsor a unit, donate money, become a social ambassador, request a speaker, host a fundraiser, volunteer for events, shop at their store, and many other activities to show your support.

Another great site that tells you how you can support our soldiers is at You can go to their website and register to adopt a soldier. When you go through their program you can adopt a soldier, and you can have a one-on-one relationship with them. These soldier consist of our troops that are stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their Christmas deadline in December 17th, so you need to hurry to send them something by the 25th.

A wonderful site it also explore is Their motto is, “May so soldier go unloved.” They support the men and women in the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and the Coast Guard. They also support the family members of the military too. Through them, you can send letters and packages to our deployed service members. This site ask that you make a commitment to send a letter a week and a care package for once a month for a year to the soldier that you adopt. As of the time of me writing this, they have 1,104 soldiers waiting to be adopted.

Another site that has a special meaning for soldiers is This is a site about soldiers that was created by a soldier. Only a soldier would know what a soldier truly needs. This site provides you with ways that you can help anyone that has served to rest better at night. Go check them out and start a tradition this year. is another website where you can send a one time gift to a soldier for Christmas. You can send whatever price range care package, however, if you send a $25 dollar package, then they will get $75 worth of products. This is also a tax deductible gift.

There is another site called online that can accommodate you. The name explains exactly what the site is about. A soldier started this idea after he watched many of his comrades never receive anything from home. Imagine these people fighting and dying for our country and not so much as a note from home. This website is dedicated to giving those people the love and forethought that they deserve. They have served over 1.4 million soldiers that are stationed in 22 locations in every branch of military service. I love this site because you can see e-mail updates from soldier. Some say at the time that they don’t need anything. Others may have a different story. Support a soldier through them now.

If you do not have the internet at your disposal, then try contacting the VFW, or local recruiting office in your area. The local Red Cross can probably direct you on how to go about sending card and care packages. Employer will sometimes take on this task at work. So get involved and contribute. If not, start this idea yourself to sponsor a soldier, or you can begin a "Supporting Our Troops" campaign.

So now that you know how to support out soldiers, maybe you and your family will make this a Christmas tradition. I think giving back can come in many forms. The act of love warms the heart and is good for the soul. It makes especially this time of year have a little more meaning. Not only that, you can truly bring the joy to someone in a way that you know they will appreciate it.

I also recommend that you can send a card to a soldier at :

A Recovering American Soldier
% Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Ave
N W Washington DC 20307-5001