Employee Cell Phone Monitoring

Most business owners supply their key employees with mobile phones these days, especially if part of their job is carried out at client premises.  It’s a far more efficient way of running the company and means that everybody is accessible at any time of the working day.  However, sometimes you need to know exactly what your employees are up to; especially if you suspect that some of them are not working as they should be.

Now you can carry out employee cell phone monitoring with just a little piece of inexpensive software installed on each phone. This software will give you access to their location, text messages and call history and, if it is used for such, web browsing history.  Here are 4 ways that your business will benefit from using this software:

 1.  Maximize Your Sales Force

If you have a team of sales employees they will most likely be out on the road all day, visiting clients. If you need to send a member of staff to another visit, by using GPS tracking software, you can locate whichever one is closest to the client, this decreasing travel time and costs.

2.  Increase Productivity

This leads on from the above point; you can also use the location tracker to make sure your employees are working and not doing their shopping or visiting with friends at a café. Another way of increasing productivity is to use the software to determine which employees are spending their time texting or calling their friends or playing games on the internet, thus wasting your time and money and giving you nothing but increased costs in return.

 3. Increase Profits

Small thefts of office consumables, such as pens or paper are inevitable within the business environment. However, left unchecked the thefts will soon increase to bigger items, money and theft of official time for personal use.  This program will identify the culprits for you to deal with.

 4.  Business Security

Today’s cut and thrust business world means that espionage is becoming more and more prevalent. As competition for custom heats up, there is a bigger chance of any one of your employees being approached by the competition and offered, for example a large sum of money or a new job, if they provide certain information. Loss of this information could mean the end of your business. Using employee cell phone monitoring software you can find out if any of your employees are engaged in this deadly game and take the correct action against them.