Snoozing can have damaging effects
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Imagine, its early in the morning your lying comfortably  in a warm cozy bed. Then your alarm goes off and now you have to make a decision: get up or snooze. You hit the snooze button, then again, and maybe one more time. When you finally get up you feel even more tired than before. Sound Familiar?

The snooze button is a deceptive force.  It promises more sleep but not rest. It may deceive you as actual sleep but it is not.  Real, satisfying sleep is meant to be done in rapid eye movement (REM) cycles. They occur every 90 minutes throughout the night; it is only when sleeping in these intervals that actually lets your body rest and allows you to wake up refreshed and alert. Snooze sleep is the cheapest form of sleep and even after a full night’s sleep can actually make you feel worse. No amount of snooze sleep can replace deep sleep.

When your alarm goes off it sends a quick rush of adrenaline through your body, waking you up. This is normal. However, when the snooze button is repeatedly used, it causes repeated adrenaline release every time it goes off. This will increase your cortisol levels, a stress hormone which will give you grogginess and symptoms of sleep deprivation that could impair cognitive and physical ability throughout the day.

Worst yet, it allows life to be delayed. It robs you of the most precious commodity of time. I wish I could regain all the time lost spent in the restless despair of snooze sleep. Imagine all that you could accomplish by giving up this enticing but poor habit.

A simple way to stop snoozing

Hitting the snooze button is a sporadic decision no one really wants to waste their time especially when it is detrimental to health. However our early morning selves do not care and simply want to reclaim the pleasure of sleep if only for a few minutes. Therefore, the best way to stop snoozing is to allow your conscious thought processes to take control. Simply move your alarm clock to the complete opposite side of the room.

That's the cure, make sure that the snooze feature is off and a loud, continuous alarm rings and keeps ringing until you turn it off. Take your time getting up to allow your conscious mind to fully awaken. By the time you reach the alarm, the brief desire for more sleep will have past and you can begin your day in a refreshed and ready mindset. Do this continually and you will notice how much more shaper your thinking is and how productive you now are.  Don't waste any more time with the snooze button, because you definitely do lose.