How My Cats, Giddy and Raven, Made Mixed Martial Arts Videos

If you missed the first episode of Giddy and Raven's story, here is an update. When they notice that their human had left the door of the house open, Raven and Giddy debate going outside. They go through the open doorway and find themselves in a garden. They decide they want adventure so they end up casing one house. They are attacked by alley cats and get away, crawling beneath one of the houses. There they discover more danger: the space is infested with spiders. They were in a nest of spiders. Out the come from under the house and now they climb onto the roof of the house and then onto an overhanging tree. When it is safe for them to come out, they spot a robbery taking place across the street. They attack the bank robbers and in gratitude they are given keys to the city and a spot of their favorite kung fu TV show, the mixed martial arts video. From these they learned martial arts self defense

We next see Giddy and Raven in training for their debut film: The Cat Queens: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Cats. Of course, Giddy and Raven billed themselves as the Beautiful ones, so they did not fit the categories above. It is a simple plot. The good cat, a feline beauty, is kidnapped and held as ransom. Christine, the feline beauty is tied up and hidden in a warehouse. It is the job of Giddy and Raven to save the feline wonder. Now they had to be on alert, for they were going to make films for their favorite TV show, the mixed martial arts videos.

Mixed Martial Arts Videos and the Band Plays On

The rescue is predictable. The bad guys need a human voice to negotiate the kidnapping. And Christine says she knows a cat that fills the bill. They bring in Giddy and Raven who agree to do the negotiation. But Giddy and Raven also know human language as well as cat language and they know that the bandits will not be able to understand cat language. So they begin CATERWAULING louder and louder. Then they show off their ability to speak only in CAT LANGUAGE...and it is more difficult than Chinese to translate into English.

What Giddy and Raven are saying in Cat Language is attack the one nearest you and I will attack the other. We do this at the same time. And so they do. Giddy goes for the eyes of her designated target and Raven goes for the groin of the other bandit. The kidnappers both scream and run and that is the end of giddy and Raven's first film debut. They leave the studio and are promptly swept up by and net and throng into the back of a van. " We got the idea from your video, babe! We are demanding ransom for your safe return. And don' give me the poor mouth. You stand to make millions on your film about cat espionage. So they take some of fur from 'Giddy and Raven as proof that they had the right cats and they list the address of the first drop. It is the Old Bridge. Giddy and Raven know the area like the back of their paws and they make a break for it, running through the marshy vegetation. But they are not through with the kidnappers. They set them up for ambush. So Giddy and Raven hide behind tall grass and when the kidnappers approach they leap on them using attacks to the throat, eyes and groin. The cats lead the police to the mangled bodies and the kidnappers are arrested. It is almost a perfect duplication of scenarios, the one in their film and the one that actually happened. Again, Giddy and Raven are the toast of the town and they are paraded through the streets in celebration. They are rewarded with specially tailored martial arts clothing.

Giddy and Raven Specialize in Mixed Martial Arts Videos.

Giddy and Raven become so knowledgeable of mixed martial arts video that they begin directing them and producing them. In one scene that they direct, a couple is tied and gagged and a dynamite charge is set to go off at exactly midnight. Giddy and Raven arrive at the scene and the Captain gets on the Bull Horn and warns those inside to surrender. Giddy and Raven indicate to the Captain to distract them. The cats enter the room through a transom and leaping from the transom, they hid the heads of the criminals before they can say Meow. One of them pees on the lighted fuse, putting out the sizzling flame.

They get all sorts of rewards for their short film and their style of karate gains such recognition that schools teaching their methods spring up all over the country. It is called Cat Blitz. They use techniques that are difficult if not impossible for a human to defend against, such as a lot of high flying kicks. They use spinning kicks and somersaults mixed in. They practice flashing hooks with their claws exposed. They use pillows and stuffed animals as targets. They make use of martial arts clothing and karate pads. They video tape their sessions and work on use software to study their leaps to make them more effective. The classes learn self defense against bad humans and bad dogs. They are taught to avoid close quarters; their advantage is their speed and agility and they put themselves at a disadvantage if speed and agility are taken away. They are taught to take the high ground. They are taught to use lightning hooks and to scream as they strike. The scream is to frighten their opponent. In traditional karate the scream is known as a kia. It is a diaphragmatic scream and also used to reinforce confidence of the attacker. They are taught to focus their blows-to tighten their entire body on contact ...just for a split second. This gives a wedge-like power to their strikes. On blocking punches and kicks, they are taught to evade or to use their paws to bat away blows....but not directly...rather; they hit the blow from the side. This then, is a small snapshot of the training that Giddy and Raven developed. If a cat wants to train in this system, they must take out martial arts insurance. This is a safeguard to protect the studio and the trainee.

Postscript: In all brances of martial arts, there is an overriding principle and that is the power of the chi. This principle and energy can be manifested under many names and purposes, For example,there is kyokushin karate, northern karate, martial arts self defense, martial arts software, martial arts clothing, and martial arts software. In all of these specific manifestatins, you should connect with the Chi.