Pregancy and Child Birth cause Hormonal imbalance in women due to which they tend to become forgetful. This happened to me after my second pregnancy. I started to become more forgetful. I would walk towards a room to get something, halfway through I would forget what I wanted to do. I would call someone to talk about something, as soon as the phone rang and someone answered I would forget what I had in mind, like it was erased. With the help of these natural remedies and some foods, I was able to get back my memory. The following is what I would like to share so everyone gets benefited.

Things You Will Need

Iron Skillet, Berries, Green Leafy Vegetables, Fruits, Lentils, Soy Beans, Water, Tea, Eggs, Turmeric, Sage, Rosemary, Chocolate, Salmon, Milk

Step 1

Cold water Fish are the most important sources of Omega-3-fatty acids and they are known as Water Flowers in Eatern India. ‚ These Omega fatty acids are the essential components of Brain and Nervous System. They not only increase memory power but improve analytical, motor and problem solving skills. They are very important to enhance the effectiveness and communication between cells.

Step 2

Fruits for the most essential part of our daily diet comprising of 2-3 servings per day. A Platter filled with variety of fruits is a wonderful source for boosting your memory. Including them in your daily diet helps you benefit by giving a positive effect on your brain. Fruits like Cantaloupes, cherries, Avacado, pineapples, Oranges, Grapes and watermelons are verey beneficial. Eat them fresh or in Milk Shakes, Fruit Salads or Fruits Juices and benefit from their goodness.

Step 3

Berries are known to increase brain power. A Flavanol, Fisetin contained in Strawberries is very essential in enhancing long term memory. Blueberries are the most famous among berries to boost memory. The antioxidants contained in Black berries, RaspBerries not only enhance your memory but also help to keep you look younger, due to their anti ageing properties. A Parfait, Mixed berry shake or consumed fresh shall reap you benefits.

Step 4

Green Leafy Vegetables also form an essential part of our diet. They are rich in Iron and essential Vitamins that boost memory. Cabbage, Turnips, Mustard Greens, Collard Greens, Cilantro, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, spinach.. all these aiding in boosting mental health. Fill your salad with these greens or eat them boiled. They give out their goodness and boost your memory.

Step 5

Soy foods like Tofu, Soy Milk, Bean Curd are rich in essential ingrediets to boost mental health. choline, lecithin and isoflavones contained in Soy Beans are primary ingredients that help to ward off various memory related issues. Comsuming them as Tofu, Soy Milk or Soy snacks will be a good option to get the benefits

Step 6

Dark Chocolate contains flavanols that boost memory power. Milk Chocolate is most beneficial in improving mental skills like Verbal and Visual skills. Grab a chocolate as a snack.

Step 7

Nuts like Cashews, Almonds, Walnuts and Pecans are very good sources of Omega Fatty acids and also rich in Iron. Eat them as is, salted, on ice creams or in chocolates and recieve the benefits.

Step 8

Flax Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds and Sun flower seeds are essential sources of Omega fatty acids. Eat then in cereal, Pastas or as is and benefit with boosted memory skills.

Step 9

Chick Peas, kidney Beans, Black eyed Beans, Lentils and Pulses are rich in Folic Acid which is very essential for brain development in infants and fetuses. Consumed as soups or sauteed in salads they benefit for brain power. They are rich in protein and are the sole source of high protein for Vegans and Vegetarians.

Step 10

Eggs and Milk are good sources of memory boosting ingredients. They also form the essentials of our basic diet day to day. Include them as a part of your breakfast and enjoy the benefits. Other Milk products like Yoghurt, cheese and Butter are also filled with goodness when taken moderately.

Step 11

Herbs like Sage and Rosemary contain essestial ingredients to boost Memory. Take them as supplements or fresh in food and dont forget Mint the mother of Sage. All of them aid brain power.

Step 12

Turmeric, the Yellow indian herb also contains important ingredients to boost memory. Add a pinch to Hotmillk or add it to curry for flavour and enjoy the Goodness of the most wonderful herb. Also known to treat colds and throat infections due to its antibiotic properties.

Step 13

Dont forget your 8 glasses of water a day, it not only hydrates your brain which is majorly filled with water but also aids your younger looking skin and beautiful hair.

Step 14

Cook your food in Iron skillet to benefit from Iron in your food. It is very beneficial for memory boost.

Step 15

A glass of Red wine has all the goodness for your memory and also beautiful skin. Relax your mind with a glass of wine and enjoy your evening! All the above foods not only benefit Memory Boost but also make you look younger and Healthier. A Healthy body hold a Happy Mind and hence a Happy YOU. Benefit from the goodies of Nature. Eat Healthy and stay Healthy.

Tips & Warnings

1) Do not overeat, balance your diet with diet rich in Vitamins and Minerals 2) Cut back on Junk food which is rich in Sugars, Fats and Cholestrol which is assumed to be the primary source of Alzheimer's 3) Limit Red wine Consumption to a glass per day.