Barbecue in Comfort

If you are looking for a shelter for your barbeque this year, then consider the gazebo bar or grilling gazebos that are on the market now.





Sunjoy 8' x 5' Sylvan Soft top Grill Gazebo, Green Top
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(price as of Sep 7, 2018)

These styles of outdoor gazebos are great for your new barbeque.  They have vented ceilings and are fire retardant.  They are not as large as many of the garden style gazebos for sitting in,  and are specifically designed for that outdoor barbeque or bar area!

The shelter, measures approximately 8 x 5 feet, and is a sturdy structure.  They come with shelves and a spice rack area, almost like a portable kitchen with everything at your fingertips.  The side tables of this type of structure are also great for your guests to enjoy their drinks and talk to you while you are doing the barbequing.

This is an ideal structure if you have an outdoor kitchen and patio setup, and want a special area with some shelter away from the house for the barbeque.  This way any smoke or flare-ups are not staying under your regular backyard shelter. 

Having a separate shelter is great for those backyard parties or even to take to a park if you are having a larger family event.  You can take these down and put them up anywhere and with all the accessories for your barbeque needs you can have that instant kitchen anywhere you go.

I saw one of these setups at a local park where a family reunion was going on.  This way the cooking area is separate from the seating area, and you can get everything done efficiently and at your fingertips.

These are sturdy structures with good venting and open sides, and fire retardant roof but with the extra shelves and accessories you will not need to bring anything else outside with you.  Just set it up once for your backyard and then your friends can still hang out with you.  Put a few stool at the side and it becomes a bar as well.

It doesn’t take up much room, and is handsome enough for most patios or yards.  No more grilling with that umbrella in one hand to keep either the rain or the sun off of your head.  You can concentrate with both hands and see what you are doing. 

A grilling area makes a great addition to your yard.  Set it up once for the season if you wish, and then you don’t have to worry too much about the hot sun or the rain if you want to still throw on a few burgers for dinner.

I like the idea that this can be set up away from the eating area with its own shelter.

Gazebos have become a popular way to add extra space to your yard.  They are affordable and come in many styles that can be attached to your deck permanently or with the portable blocks you can now get specifically designed for holding up gazebos without screws or pegs.

You don’t have to consider serious renovations to enjoy a more sheltered backyard.  You can get gazebos of all shapes and sizes in most home improvement stores, larger garden centers and also online at such sites as Amazon. 

If you like the idea of having a separate barby gazebo or bar (you could totally just set this up as a bar without the barbeque too!) then this particular style would be perfect.  It is not too big, but will make a great shelter for that brand new state of the art barbeque you just got yourself!  This way it is somewhat protected and you can keep your barbeque tools and accessories such as spices in this shelter all the time, or at least for the season.

No more trying to find the flipper or the seasonings, just get yourself a set of new tools and other accessories and leave them set up with the interior shelves and the counter that are on these gazebo bars or grilling gazebos and have a fun season outdoors this year!