Leupold Vendetta Bow Mounted Range Finder

Leupold Vendetta

Archers and bow hunters have always struggled with the increased difficulty that comes with taking longer shots.  Advancements in technology have helped hunters to shoot their bows more consistently and with better accuracy.  High speed, cam-based compound bows are generating faster arrow velocity than the previous generation models.  With all of the technological advancements, inaccuracies with the estimation of distance is still the number one factor that causes bow hunters to miss their targets.

Modern day hunters typically use multi-pin fiber optics bow sights.  The pins on these sights are adjusted and tuned for ranges of 20 to 50 yards in 10 yard increments.  An archer needs to estimate the distance to their target as closely as possible, and then select the appropriate yardage pin when aiming at their target.  Selecting the wrong distance pin will almost certainly result in a clean miss.  This is due to the reduction in velocity after an arrow leaves the bow.  Arrow speed is highest as soon as the arrow is released, and that speed is reduced as distance increases and the effects of gravity take hold of the arrow.  The arrow trajectory is very flat for approximately the first 20 yards of flight, but after that the arrow tends to arc downwards toward the ground.  This is know as arrow fall.

Compensating for Arrow Fall
To compensate for arrow fall, an archer’s 30, 40, and 50 yard sight pins are spaced apart at different distances.  This causes the archer to raise their bow and essentially fire their arrow in an initial trajectory that is above the intended target.  The flight of the arrow on longer shots is in the form of an arc.  The arrow initially is fired above the target, and arcs downward as it approaches the intended target.  The sight pins that are tuned for different distances assist the archer in controlling the degree of arc depending upon the range of the shot.

Multi-pin bow sights are very effective, once they have been adjusted to compensate for the arc at the pre-defined distances.  It is the estimation of distance that torments most bow hunters.  As the game approaches a hunter in the woods, he must estimate the distance to that game, and then choose to aim from the appropriate sight pin.  On longer shots, a slight miscalculation in distance can cause a bow hunter to miss their target due to the arrow drop.

Using Range Finders for Accurate Distance Readings
Many hunters will choose to use a hand held laser range finder to determine the exact distance to their game.  While these work in most scenarios there are some drawbacks.  The movement and potential noise associated with picking up and setting down a hand held range finder can cause a hunter to be spotted by their game.  This can ruin an opportunity to shoot before the archer can even draw their bow.  Another drawback has to do with game that is walking or on the move.  After obtaining a range with a hand held unit that distance is continually changing on a moving animal, and the hunter needs to compensate for it.

Bow Mounted Range Finders Enter the Scene
Advancements in technology have once again solved a problem that has plagued bow hunters for years.  The Leupold Vendetta is a bow mounted range finder that will provide a precise distance reading to a target from 10 to 70 yards away.  It does this with practically no movement and absolutely no noise, so it is completely undetectable by the game animals.

The Vendetta is light weight and mounts easily to any compound bow riser using the included brackets.  Once it is calibrated to the bow’s 20 yard sight pin, a hunter can range their target and be shooting a fraction of a second later.  It uses a small pressure pad to activate it, which can be attached to the bow grip.

The operation is very simple.  Once the bow is drawn, the archer aims at their target using the 20 yard sight pin, no matter what distance the target is at.  Then the pressure pad is depressed to activate the Vendetta.  Since it is calibrated with the 20 yard pin, the laser ranges the exact target that is being aimed at, and then provides an accurate distance reading.  Once the hunter reads the distance that is displayed on the Leupold Vendetta’s LED, they then switch to the correct sight pin for that distance and release their arrow with confidence.

A Note About Legality
The Leupold Vendetta is legal for recreational shooting in all states within the United States.  Since it is an electronic device that is attached to a bow, it is not legal for hunting purposes in all 50 states though.  You should check the rules and regulations with your state’s Fish and Wildlife Department to determine if it is legal for hunting in your area.