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Many people find that they are able earn significant money each month by using the Internet as a publishing platform. Drawing on their life experience, knowledge and a little modern technology, they are able to establish an alternate income source. The amount of time required for such pursuits is variable. This is perfect for many retired people. They can devote a few hours publishing on the Internet one week, take a break then spend more time writing when they can. Best of all, their publishing work continues to earn revenue even when the author isn't active.

You Have A Voice!
Perhaps you have lived for 70+ years. You have worked, raised a family, travelled. You have various experiences and training that comprise your knowledge. Perhaps you are a "know-it-all". Perhaps not. There are many topics that you could select for a written article. Everyone is an expert in something. Maybe you can perform particular tricks. Maybe you know how certain tasks can be performed easier or cheaper. There are a multitude of topics that most people could write about. The key is often just to start writing. Practice does make perfect. The Internet is a great medium for article publishing.

Blogging Versus Articles
In the early days of the Internet, people started blogging. This activity was the writing of things which happened in the author's life. A person publishing such items was said to be a blogger. Their blog was the combined portfolio of their blogging activity. Each individual blog entry was termed a post. Posts tended to be a few paragraphs in length and generally were quite general. A blogger might post that they were shopping for a new computer. The next post might describe a day spent at the beach. Posts could be about anything and they were unstructured. While blogging still exists, bloggers do not write posts with revenue in mind. Article writers, on the other hand, tend to be more structured. Like traditional authors, Internet article writers choose a topic for each article. Often the topic is dictated by an agency or suggested by the eventual publishing location. Those who do write articles for the Internet, who are successful, are very similar to traditional authors. Bloggers, generally, are not.

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Not much harder than an online article

Retired People Writing Internet Articles
If you are retired, you are free from normal workplace pressure. You should also have spare time available in your week. As an author, you need to devote some time to the publishing world in order to be successful. At first, it may take a fair amount of time to write a single article. With practice, the process does become easier. Those who earn the most revenue also need to devote time to an analysis of their published work. Luckily, the process of writing and analyzing articles is not particularly demanding. Assuming that you have time, and you have a publishing web site identified, an article may take the following amount of time:

- determine a topic, 5 minutes
- write a title, 5 minutes
- introduction, 15 minutes
- article body, 5 paragraphs, 25 minutes
- conclusion, 10 minutes
- editing, 10 minutes
- publish, 5 minutes

The total length of time is barely more than an hour. A retired person can certainly devote an hour to a potentially revenue earning activity. Truthfully, a retiree who is a new author may take substantially longer to produce their first article. Perhaps the introduction will take 45 minutes and the other steps may take longer than normal as well. An author's second article will likely be faster than their first, especially if it is related to the earlier work.

Get The Introduction Right
All authors should devote a significant amount of time to their introduction. This is the most important part of the article. You must outline the points that will be addressed in the rest of the article. You must also get the attention of the reader. There are also other major considerations that the introduction must address as well. All of this takes time for this important part of the article. With a great introduction, the rest of the article will be easy to write. This paragraph should describe the main topic. It will also identify a number of points that will be elaborated. Perhaps two solid sentences will be used to introduce the article. Another couple of paragraphs describe perhaps five points of consideration. A final sentence wraps up the introduction. In an article of 1000 words, the introduction might use 100 to 150 words. The author then uses this part of the document as the framework for the rest of the text.

Writing the Article Body
The main part of the article should follow the early overview. If the topic requires five points to be elaborated, the article body should address the five points in order. A regular paragraph that describes a topic issue should be about 100 words. Some issues require one paragraph, some two or three. A good target is to write 150 words for each point raised. Five would then equal 750 words for the body of the article. Please note that the words should be specific and relevant to the topic. Authors should resist the urge to add extra, superfluous, unnecessary words just in an effort to meet a particular word count target. Instead, the right number of words should be used. This is not always easy to determine but the finished work should read well. Generally, a retiree author is not paid on a per word basis and those that do pay per word will quickly backfire for authors who pad articles with unnecessary verbage.

Writing the Article Conclusion
The conclusion of the article is another section which is made easy if the author already has a good introduction. The conclusion is a simple wrap-up of the article body up to that point. If the author has stayed on the topic, the final article section practically writes itself. A quick 150 words and the article is done, perhaps tipping the scale at 1050 words.

Earning Extra Income For Retirement
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