Living Outside Is Easy with The Right Tools

Many people have decided that they are going to spend more time at home. Travel has got expensive, with long wait times at airports, and they just want to use their backyards for their holidays. We used to call this "Porchville"! But with a stainless steel outdoor kitchen, porchville can be a lot of fun! (Porchville meaning, sitting on your porch for your vacation)

But if you vision sitting on two rocking chairs staring out at your rose bushes in the garden, and flipping some burgers on the barby, then you are going to be surprised. Since more and more people are staying home, the demand is up for home improvements.

In fact this is a very busy business now. With the cost of moving going up and up, many homeowners who are in a position to spend some money on upgrades, are doing so on their own backyard.

No only are backyard pools getting a make over, with waterfalls and garden designs, but now the kitchen has moved outdoors.

Outdoor kitchens, are now a hot item. You can go from a simple grill to a fancy, state of the art full service kitchen on your back deck or patio. But these are not your run of the mill wooden kitchen cabinets outside, these are usually a stainless steel.

Stainless steel, will hold up to the abuse and the elements obviously much better than other indoor style materials. If you have a covered back patio or deck, then this would be the idea spot to install one.

You can get them in banks of cabinets with worktops, that are free standing. If you are looking for simple outdoor kitchen ideas, then you can head to your local home improvement store to see the latest in the designs.  Or you can do your shopping online.  Online is a great place to get ideas and good prices.

But be careful if you head to these displays, you will want the entire setup!. It all depends on your budget, but a properly installed kitchen outside will also add value to your home. These are a hot item for backyard entertaining now.

These are totally convenient for any homeowner that loves to entertain outside. No more running back and forth into the house kitchen to get your supplies, you can store them all outside now.

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this has everything you need to entertain outside

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances and Islands

If you are serious about your outdoor entertainment, then you can get some pretty serious outdoor kitchens too! There are now appliances on the market that are specially designed for the outdoors. With just some minimal maintenance (such as draining lines in the winter etc) and a custom fit cover, your outdoor space stays outdoors. No need to pull it all apart and store it somewhere.

I went to the local home show, and discovered dishwashers, and under the counter refrigerators that are totally designed for the outside kitchen. Can you imagine having the fridge and dishwasher outside! No one will have to leave the party to do the clean up, plus you can shop for your party or barbeque and store everything in the outdoor refrigerator to keep it cool and at a safe temperature until cooking.

Now, the first thing you are going to have to decide, if you are considering getting a kitchen outdoors, is obviously your budget. Do, you entertain enough that this would be worthwhile? If so, then your next mission will be to source where your power and water supplies are, and how easy would it be to get them to the area you are thinking about.

Most likely this will be your back patio or deck, to make access easier from the house. But some people have them further away. Do you have the area covered? You want to still use your outside kitchen area in the rain and keep the sun off of everything.

So, if you have these available, then you can adjust your budget accordingly. One of the best ways to decide on how to lay this out, is to get a good , or head out to the home show and see what cool gadgets and accessories are available for your backyard entertaining this year.

If you have a big enough space, you can have your stainless steel outdoor kitchen setup, complete with sinks, grill, dishwasher, refrigerator, worktops and more, plus a eating and living area. You will never set foot inside again until the winter!

Depending on where you live and the climate, you may be able to use this area for many months of the year. You can also pair it up with a  for those cool days or evenings, and this would be the perfect backyard entertainment. It will extend your usage time outdoors.

So, if you are getting sick of the flapping of the back door as you bring bowl after bowl and tray after tray of all the supplies you need for your barbeque outside and then back inside, or trying to grill burgers while preparing salads indoors, then consider the upgrades and cool accessories that are now designed for the stainless steel outdoor kitchens, and enjoy outdoor living at its best.  You could even step it up a bit and get an outside pool table for added entertainment.

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you can add these stainless steel cabinets to your outdoor space for storage.