WordPress.com or WordPress.org

Most individuals who endeavor to make money online know that blogging is a tool which ignites the money making process.  Blogging not only informs potential customers, but it also serves as a way to backlink to your websites and earn votes in the eyes of search engines.  WordPress.com and WordPress.org are a blogging platform that is widely used world wide.  Details follow in this article on how using either might make your blogging experience lucrative!

WordPress Facts

 WordPress.com and WordPress.org are both owned by the same makers. The fine creators at Automattic are responsible for developing each blogging tool. Furthermmore, both the dot com and dot org of WordPress are absolutely free!

WordPress Themes

The importance of using WordPress themes is their attraction to your website visitors.  Such themes can cater to your content and be inviting.  You would not pick a drab and bland website with hopes of appealing to someone that might be interested in your affiliate product.  WordPress.com and WordPress.org both have many themes that can complimiment your website's message.  This is vital as studies support that certain color schemes are linked to the subconscious as it relates to subliminal messaging or even purchasing decisions.

WordPress.com is limited when it comes to themes in that they cannot be customized.  While many of the same themes can be found on both the dot com and the dot org, WordPress.org allows bloggers to customize or even create their own themes.

WordPress Website Expenses

It is a fact that both WordPress.org and WordPres.com are free.  However, there is a difference in this free software offering.  WordPress.com is a ready available blog upon verification of your blog.   WordPress.org must be downloaded and installed on web hosting which involves an expense to the blogger.  No such expenses are required with WordPress.com.

Web hosting can run anywhere from $6-$12 a month.  WordPress tutorials can be found all over the web and can walk bloggers through step-by-step on how to download WordPress.org and install it on your web hosting of choice.  You may wonder of the advantages to choosing WordPress.org over WordPress.com given there are costs involved.  We will discuss them below.

WordPress Plugins

A WP plugin is simply an add-on to the existing software that compliments the function of the WordPress blog and enhances it is some fashion. Some plugins fight against spam or even back up your WP blog.

WP.org gives blog users the option of using plugins whereas WP.com does not. One of the more preferred plugins for bloggers seeking money is All-in-One SEO Pack. This plugin allows the content to be to superlative. Another plugin is ShareThis which installs social media buttons on the blog. These two plugins are an added bonus to the WordPress blog experienced at WP.org. Unfortunately, WP.com does not have plugin capabilities.

WordPress Money Making Possibilities

It is indeed possible to make money online with WordPress blogs.  Perhaps this is why the US Navy, Ben & Jerrys, or even Charles Barkley have a WordPress.org blog!  This is not to imply that any of these well known icons are seeking money online.  Clearly it denotes the quality of WordPress blog as it is preferred by celebrities, government agencies, and corporations alike.

WordPress.org is a great blogging platform for hosting affiliate links, personal products for sale, Google Adsense or other contextual links that make money.  CPA offers can also be contained inWordPress.org blogs as well as affiliate banners.

With all the potential money-making activity that is possible at WordPres.org it must be noted that all the above are not acceptable at WordPress.com.  You see, in all actuality WordPress.com is not intended for promotion.  However, there is a way to make money while using WordPress.com.

WordPress.com indexes rather quickly among search engines.  Using this blog as backlinks to your money page is a sure way to rank well among competition and in the search engines.  Oftentimes your WordPress.com blog post will outrank your actual money page.  This is a vital tool in money making online though you cannot house links, banners, and ads on your posts.

Final Word on WordPress

So you see, WP.com is an easy blogger to get started and maintain. However, it has limitations with WP themes,lack of plugins, and cannot house affiliate links, affiliate banners, or cost-per-action (CPA) forms. WP.org, on the other hand, requires leg work in getting it started and maintaining it. However, can host affiliate products and advertisements like Google AdSense. While both WordPress.com and WordPres.org have many similarities and differences, when it comes to making money through blogging each has its own different job and is needful to any money making campaign!