Fast and easy ways for teens to make money!

The golden question always seems to be: How can a teen make money. In fact there are loads of ways a teen can make money. All you need is determination and time and you will do great at making money. I made a list based on past experiences that most teens would fine quite useful. Have fun teens making money!

The obvious ways how a teen can make money:

1. Lawn care- Go find an elderly neighbor, even if they hire a professional company, and ask if you can mow their lawn.

2. Chores- Ask your parents if you can help around the house for cash. You never know!

3. Participate in the school fundraiser- Every school seems to have a fundraiser for the school that gives generous amounts to the kids. Go door to door and actually give it a shot.

4. Babysit- Tell your parents you want to babysit and they can help you find your first new clients.

The unique ways how a teen can make money:

5. Buy and sell a hobby on Craigslist- Buy a videogame for cheap and resell it. Repeat.

6. Run a camp- Ask a bunch of parents you know with little kids if they would let you take care of their kid a few hours a day for a week. Watch movies, play outside, and make a killing.

7. Have a "birthday" party- This works really well if you have lots of friends. Each friend brings cash as a gift and throw everybody outside. Do the math.

8. Sell some of your junk- Go through your drawers, it may be a hassle but it could be rewarding. No longer use your PSP? Sell it.

9. Make some delicious treats- Everyone buys from kids, take advantage of it and go door to door.

10. Sell candy at school- Buy candy in bulk at Costco and sell it for a lot higher at school.

11. Write online- Ever heard of Infobarrel or Hubpages? Google them.

12. Tutor- Don't be nervous, ask around if anyone needs a tutor.

13. Dog sit- When people go on vacation get paid to take care of their dog.

14. Hold a 50/50 raffle- donate 10% to charity and people will still buy tickets.

15. Take over the position as the cleaning lady- cleaning the house doesn't take that long.

16. Model- Ever hear those annoying model commercials? Try it someday.

17. Make an art project- Create a unique art project and sell it to your friends.

18. Deliver newspapers- Newspaper delivers make good money these days.

19. Make YouTube videos- YouTube has ads and will pay you a cut!




Whatever you decide to do, just don't do a lemonade stand!