Not all women are lucky enough to be born to look like Angelina Jolie or Charlize Theron but evenso there are many things that they can do to improve their appearance.

In fact it would be good to remind us ordinary women of how some actresses looked like before they had a few adjustments done to themselves and in copying and pasting this link below you will be able to see what I am talking about!!!

There are many things that an ordinary woman can do to enhance her appearance without resorting to drastic plastic surgery techniques. And every woman has to remember that although she hasn't been born a beauty, each one of them has at least one worthwhile asset such as a lovely pair of eyes, a good head of hair, a nice figure, some high cheek bones or sensual lips and the only reason that they are not as beautiful as all those actresses out there is that they have only been given one or two assets instead of all of them!!! But, with a little help they can make ourselves look much more attractive without too much effort.

If you have good hair go to a good hair dresser to select a style and colour that suits your face the best because the hair is really the background of your canvass and is probably number one on the list to enhancing your looks.

If you are not so happy with the colour of your eyes you can change them by using coloured contact lenses and you should also see a professional about redefining the shape of your eyebrows so that they enhance your eyes even more. (If they are dense they need to be plucked slightly and if they are sparce (because you lived the age of Twiggy the model) you can have them filled in with tatoo make up. If you have blue eyes use a blue eye liner to outline your lower lid, if your eyes are brown then a brown eye liner, and if they are green then obviously a green eye liner.

With a few painless injections you can also redefine the shape of your lips and even get rid of wrinkles (presumably caused by smoking) on your upper lip.

Use your make up wisely and simply. It is never a good idea to make your face look as if it has been spray-gun painted with make up because the idea of make up is completely the reverse - you have to apply it so that it goes on almost un-noticed while at the same time enhancing all your features.

A soft tinted moisturiser will hide some of your skin imperfections and give a nice warm glow to your face without the effects of a heavy foundation which tends to make your skin look overly made up and shows up more of your wrinkles. Blusher is very important to be brushed onto your cheek bones and then a little dabbed onto your forehead, bridge of your nose and a little under your chin. This will give a lot of colour and glow to your face and enhance the oval of your face.

Use a mascara to show up your eyes and a soft lipstick to make your lips look moist and full.

If it is winter and you are looking very white and insipid there are no health rules against applying a false tan to your face, chest and arms and even applying a tinted gel which containes gold particles onto your chest as these particles will shimmer in certain lights and give you a lovely glow.

Wear ear-rings that dangle, move or glow and shimmer as this will attract looks towards your face.

As for clothes it all depends on what shape and size you are. If you are lucky enough to be slim and small then I need not give you any advice as virtually anything will look good on you but if you are, like most women over the age of 40, a little on the plump side then you need to choose carefully what you wear. Never wear anything that clings to you as then you will look like a stuffed sausage so instead opt for silky materials that drape. Dresses that are tight under the bust line and then flow loosely downwards. Also try to wear high heeled shoes or boots as these will make your legs look longer and make you look at least one size smaller!!

And just always remember that there are so many things that you can do which will make you look doubly attractive. All you need is a little advice from a professional and a bit of will on your part to implement the changes that are needed and all this can be done without any visit to any operating theatre!!!!! And one has to be aware always that plastic surgery is not always the answer as it doesn't always turn out as one expected because it has many risks and problems associated with it. Improve yourself with the simple and safe methods because you can't go wrong there!!!