People with different skills, religions, and backgrounds may be found in the same workplace. Although employees have different beliefs and attitude, they are driven by the same goals-having successful business operations and making the company stand out among all of its known competitors.

As an employer, you are required to make sure that your employees are producing good results and to create a harmonious work environment for everyone. Problems may still arise in the workplace, especially if your employees were unable to meet a certain deadline or you failed to compensate them properly.

When this situation happens, involved parties may be required to undergo employment mediation in order to avoid filing a lawsuit.

Mediation Process

Mediation is a process that can help in resolving conflicts without the need to undergo court procedures. It will enable parties to come with an understanding and make a resolution which will address their interests and needs.

An unbiased individual, also referred to as the mediator, will help parties discuss their side of the argument and offer possible solutions to the problem. Although the sessions will be administered and handled by him, both parties may still acquire legal help from an employment attorney.

This legal expert will do the following for you:

  • Weigh your options- Your attorney can help you choose if you will agree to mediation or file a case in court. In order to come up with a reasonable decision, he will consider different factors like your chances of winning the case and the seriousness of the problem. He will also specify the different problems that you might face if you decided to sue the other party.
  • Find a good mediator- An experienced attorney has likely handled many clients who were involved in mediation, meaning there is a high chance that he already knows a mediator who will be able to handle the job.
  • Guide you throughout the mediation process- Because your attorney has already participated in a number of mediations, rest assured that he will be able to help you prepare for the sessions. He will tell you what is the purpose of this process and how does it work.
  • Prepare and submit paperwork- The mediator may ask you to give a written statement, which describes the root of the problem and your plans on how to resolve it.

In conclusion, a Los Angeles employment attorney will enable you maximize your chances of reaching an agreement with the other party. If you were unable you to resolve the problem, he will then help you take legal action in order to be compensated.