Increasing Productivity

One of the most important departments of any company is the sales department. If it weren’t for them, companies wouldn’t be able to sell products to clients and revenues could not be effectively generated. In order for the sales department to do their job effectively, they need the right tools. New configurator software has reached the market that allows sales staff to enter orders easier.

Software in general has come a long way. When used appropriately, it can save employees a considerable amount of time, reduce expenses, and strengthen the company’s brand. All of this will lead to overall better productivity.

When employees aren’t stuck behind the desk working on proposals, they have more face time with clients (as well as potential clients). As this happens, companies will see higher amounts of revenue being generated because they have given their sales teams the proper tools to do their job.

It is very hard for sales staff to do their job if they don’t know what they are selling. It’s a common complaint. Marketing and research and development have all these new products, but they aren’t informing the sales staff. Then, when a sales person gets in front of the client, they cannot sell a portion of what the company has to offer because they aren’t educated about it.

The invention of the e-catalog has changed a lot of this. This is an online catalog that will list all the products or services that a company has to offer. It can include a relational product tree, a search engine, multiple views on the products, and a friendly interface. This allows the consumer to search through the catalog to find out what the company has to offer.

Many e-catalogs also have an ongoing education center within them. They contain pictures and full product descriptions of every item. This is a great training tool for the sales staff because it allows them to have a living document of the products and services that the company has to offer. With a better catalog in their hands, they are able to make better recommendations to the clients they have seated in front of them.

When combined with proposal software, the e-catalog can increase productivity even more. The sales staff can log into the computer and go into a quote generator. This will ensure pricing is accurate and calculations are done correctly. This quote software will eliminate a significant amount of field mistakes, which will help a company capitalize on all revenue opportunities.

Quoting software has been able to reduce expenses across the board. Not only does it reduce costly errors in the proposals, but it will also lower IT costs and reduce the cost of managing the catalog process. The sales staff will be more productive and more revenue will be able to make its way into the company.

The proposal management system with the use of an e-catalog will also save a lot of time. Software can reduce the time spent on creating proposals and eliminate redundancies. It will also allow sales staff to access various documents to include within the proposals simply by logging onto the computer. They can then generate quotes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Quotation software is changing the way that many companies do business. When sales staff can manage their process on time, it also allows the executives to manage the performance of the sales team. With online capabilities, the sales team can also collaborate with each other, which can be especially useful for clients that are spread out around the country.

Proposal writing software that incorporates the e-catalog is able to strengthen the company’s brand as well. Companies are looking for innovation these days. Without a consistent look and an enhanced company image, a company will fade into the background. Providing the sales teams with the same uniform look from proposal to proposal will be a great way to create a consistent brand.

When companies use proposal management software, they have the ability to increase productivity and revenues. Providing more details and more tools to the sales staff is of the utmost importance. Companies who are able to do this well will succeed. Those that don’t will slowly fade because clients are expecting more from the companies they do business with.