Fendi sunglasses provide protection for your eyes:
When you are looking for sunglasses that will provide you with both style and protection you have to look Fendi eyewear. These sunglasses provide 100 percent protection for your eyes. The funds UVA and UVB rays can extremely damage your vision. Also wearing sunglasses during extreme bright light can help to prevent wrinkles. The wrinkles most commonly known as crow's feet can be formed when you do not wear eye protection extended periods of time.

How to tell you have an authentic pair of name brand Sunglasses:
Fendi sunglasses are made exclusively in Italy. They come with the "double F" Fendi logo emblazoned prominently on the sunglasses. Glasses made by Fendi, complete with a serial number that can provide validity. The best way to know that you are purchasing an authentic pair of Fendi eyewear is to actually purchase the classes from one of the 160 Fendi boutiques around the world. Fendi is sold in over 25 countries.

Celebrities that wear Fendi designed sunglasses:
Gwen Stefani made this beautiful sun glasses popular. Many other celebrities love the fashion statement that Fendi makes each year. Nicole Richie has been known to sport this beautiful eyewear. It is a little-known fact that when Nicki Hilton and her mother visited Paris Hilton in jail they were wearing the extremely popular Fendi model 382 sunglasses. Paris Hilton herself wears Fendi model FS 5012 sunglasses.

Different styles of Fendi eyewear:
It is amazing to believe that every year this company produces a fresh new model of women sunglasses. Older styles are available for purchase online. The Fendi boutiques carry only the most up-to-date fashions. So if you're looking for one of the classic of models of Fendi glasses then in your best option available is to search the Internet for an authorized Fendi dealer. Many Fendi boutique owners can special order sunglasses to fit your taste.

The Fendi model 382 sunglasses that Nikki Hilton owns have a beautiful buckle on the outside of the glasses. These glasses are purchased for over $200 a pair. Paris Hilton glasses have a larger frame and they are white in color. So if you want to look like a celebrity or you just want to look fashionable Fendi sunglasses are a necessity.