When it comes to one of the best talking parrots, African Greys come highly recommended. Full of intelligence, this species of bird is able to learn a collection of words, phrases, languages, and even voice changes.

It is no wonder that African Greys are considered a favorite amongst pet parrots. Studies have shown that they even possess the capacity to identify colors and objects.

Yet still, it is important to know that owning an African Grey is not for all. These birds require a high amount of stimulating activity and healthy surroundings.

Owners must have enough time and money to keep up. African Greys that do not get enough stimulation or become bored can enter a state of depression and often become destructive to themselves.

Additionally, African Greys shouldn't be confined to their cages for long stretches of time. If your bird isn't receiving adequate stimulation and freedom, they may begin to pluck his or her feathers out.

African Greys often listen to every word said around them as they take pleasure in copying what others say. Since African Greys can live until the age of 65, keep in mind that owning this bird is a serious, long term commitment.

It is unfair to the bird to purchase one as a pet only to grow tired of the upkeep in a couple of years. In order to keep an African Grey comfortable, their cage should measure at least 32 inches wide and 48 inches high.

A bird bath and collection of solid chewable toys is also a must. It is also suggested to note that these birds dislike the smell of smoke and other strong scents, so keep cigarettes, perfumes, and air fresheners away from the bird.

An African Grey diet usually consists of bite sized portions of vegetables and fruits, such as apples, sweet potatoes, oranges, and melon. A fortified parrot pellet diet is necessary, as well as loads of fresh untainted spring or distilled water.

African Greys originate out of Africa, as it is also quite obvious that they are gray in color. Two sub species of the bird exist: the Timneh and the Congo. When purchasing an African Grey from a reliable breeder, they may cost around $1,000.