If you have been searching for a pair of shoes at stores like Vans.com or Converse, you may have come across the skate shoes section and wondered what is the difference between skate shoes and regular sneakers? Skate shoes are designed and manufactured with skateboarding in mind; while they look like regular sneakers, they really are quite different. Anyone can wear the skate shoes and many kids do just because they like the brand or the style. While these shoes can be worn by anyone, they are defiantly designed with the skateboarder in mind.

Almost all skate shoes are designed with flat soles that are made of rubber or polyurethane and have a suede or leather composition with double or triple stitching. Manufactures of skate shoes have integrated several features into their shoe designs to help prevent bruised heels, increase flexibility and grip, and to create a better skateboarding experience.


Skate shoes offer protection in many ways. You will find that many shoes have an air pocket feature to help prevent bruised heels. The shoes use a lace loop design to help hide the shoe laces so they won't become tangled in the skateboard wheel and cause a nasty accident.


The shoes are designed to be comfortable and flexible, making it easy to maneuver a skateboard while wearing them. The skate shoes feature cup soles made of vulcanized rubber. They are made out of action leather or super suede for more flexibility and offer fusion grip rubber outsoles, dynamic grip technology, shock absorbing soles, a symmetric stabilizer and thermoplastic reinforced toes. Many designs feature system G2 cushioning for extra comfort and all designs are made to allow optimal skateboarding action.


Skate shoes are subject to more abrasions due to the skateboards grip tape that they are in contact with and therefore the design has to be made to withstand more than the average sneaker. The features such as the super suede, action leather and the plastic reinforced toe caps help keep the shoe from wearing out as quickly. Shoelaces are constantly being shredded while skateboarding so lace protectors and shields are integrated into the design.

You will find that most skate shoe designs offer double or triple stitching with thicker treads to help prevent ripping. The tongues are wider and the sole wider as to create more contact with the board and the deep sole patterns are designed to assist with gripping.

When you go to the store with your children and they are asking for the skate shoes, don't assume that they are just like all the rest; they certainly are not. If your child skateboards, you will appreciate the added features to help keep him safe. These shoes also last longer than regular sneakers. You may pay a little more for the skate shoe, but given the fact that they will not need to be replaced as often, you are actually saving money.