Fresh fruits and vegetable juices keep our body, skin, glands and organs well hydrated; its liquid forms help digestion quick and make good dietary supplement. Most fruits are citrus; rich in Iron, Vitamin C and good source if anti oxidant which reduce LDL cholesterol one of the main factors of heart disease and help prevent cancer too, e.g., (Pomegranate, cranberry, apple). Raisins is the dry form of grapes, contains Iron, copper, Vitamin B complex helps in formation of blood and red blood cells and its rich glucose and fructose assist to put on weight
Grape juice, Orange juice, Sweet lime (Mosambi) and lemon juice: give relief in incidence of kidney stones where as Aloe Vera the best known for skin treatment makes the skin radiant and glow, as its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agent protect against illness. Vitamin and mineral needs are important for pregnant women for the development of fetus. Folic acid, vitamin B that helps prevent birth defects, is more important than ever. Along with nutritious food, they should eat colorful fruits, legumes and a moderate-dose of multi-vitamins. Consume many calcium-rich foods. This helps build bones in the baby and prevent bone loss in the mother. Calcium also helps prevent pregnancy- induced high blood pressure

Calorie yield of Fruits...per 100 gms.serving.
Dates 280 calories
Jack fruit 105 calories
Fig (raw) 85 calories
Pomegranate 77 calories
Strawberry 76 calories
Chickoo 76 calories
Banana 76 calories
Cherries 70 calories
Mangoes 70 calories
Guava 66 calories
Litchis 61 calories
Lemon 57 calories
Apple 56 calories
Orange 53 calories
Pear 51 calories
Pineapple 46 calories
Black grapes 45 calories
Mosambi 43 calories
Papaya 32 calories
Muskmelon 32 calories
Watermelon 16 calories

Eating oats reduce the risk of heart disease, fights cholesterol. In addition, oats can cut risk of high blood pressure and type-2 Diabetes. To power-up oatmeal, add raisins and chopped walnuts. It is rich in dietary fibers, minerals, starch, protein and vitamins.
Corn flakes are rich source of Iron, B group vitamins, folate and vitamin C. Iron is important for physical and mental well-being; mental performance depends on adequate Iron at every stage of life. Iron deficiency reduces attention span, and lack of concentration, affects children's performance in school and work performance for adults. Children, pregnant women, lactating mothers, and every individual should consume fruits and vegetables in abundance for the total health.

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