Have you ever heard that you can improve your life by repeating affirmations over and over?  Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat to yourself in the present tense such as "I am wealthy" or "I am at my perfect weight".  These affirmations are supposed to help bring you closer to making those statements a reality. Well, that can help somewhat, but one way to get even better results would be to ask yourself questions.  By asking questions your subconscious mind will try to search for the answer.  So instead of saying "I am wealthy", say "Why am I so wealthy?" or even "How can I make extra money?".  You don't have to have an answer for these questions - that's a job for your subconscious!
Here are some other typical affirmations and then the same concept changed into a question:
Affirmation: I am thin... Becomes: Why am I so healthy?  Why do I love to exercise?  What food is the healthiest for me?  Why do I have such a good looking body?
Affirmation: I feel great... Becomes: Why do I feel so great today?  How can I make this day even better?  Why do I lead such a vibrant life?
Affirmation: I’m very successful... Becomes: Why I am so successful?  What can I do right now to be even more successful?

Affirmation: I enjoy doing my work... Becomes: What do I love about my job?  Why is my work so fun? 
Affirmation: I have a great relationship... Becomes: Why do I have such a great relationship?  Why am I so full of love?  Why do I attract such a great partner?

Be careful not to ask yourself negative questions.  So don't ask yourself "why am I so tired" because your subconscious mind will work on that question and bring you more of being tired (just like the "law of attraction"). So think of something you would like to improve, then ask yourself what do you want, and then create a positive question.  If the issue you would like to improve is being tired, ask yourself what do you want instead of being tired?  You probably want to have more energy and alertness, so an example of a question to keep asking yourself would be "why do I feel so alert and full of energy"?  After asking yourself this several times, you'll actually start to feel more alert and full of energy. 
Ask yourself "how", "what" and "why", and soon you'll bring what you want into your life and maybe your subconscious mind will give you the answer.  Once you have the answer, take the steps to making your desire a reality!