Steve Jobs' distinguishing characteristics

If you find Steve Jobs to be a remarkable human being, then this article will help you discover some of the characteristics that made Jobs the man, the entrepreneur, the idealist, the innovator we all know. I’ll be discussing what learned about Steve Jobs life while reading his biography written by Walter Isaacson.

Here are 6 big distinguishing characteristics of Steve Job that made him the man of the century:

Have passion

Jobs was passionate man. He loved what he did, he loved what he created, he loved his company, and he loved people with the same spirit as his. As you may have seen at all his key note presentations, Jobs had a special way to talk about his products and ideas. He used to assure that his products are years ahead of anything anyone had ever done, and indeed, they were. He continuously exclaimed out loud how amazing and cool all of Apples products were. As well he created top creative business and products just by have a real passion for great thing: Pixar, iTunes, iPod, iPad, Machintosh, Apple TV, Apple.

Stay hungry

During his short life he reinvented himself several times. He searched for inner peace practicing Zen, he turned vegetarian, walked and talked very often with his lifetime friends and didn’t settled for dull designs and products. He read books on spirituality such as “Autobiography of Yogi”, “Zen Mind, Beginner’s mind”; books on Philosophy, such as “King Lear”, “Plato” and finally, business “The Innovator Dilemma” and “The Secrets of the Little Blue Box”.

Be foolish

During Apple’s early years, Jobs attracted his companions into what they called “Jobs reality distortion field”. He asked his colleagues to work as hard as they can to complete his products inside an impossible time frame. Never the less, he never sacrificed design and user interaction. Although sometimes they missed out the deadline, they still continued working on the product until finished.

Love simplicity

As you may already know, Apple products incline to have something in common. You guessed it! They are all really easy to use and the learning curve is near to none. In my experience I can tell you how my little sister (a 6 year old) grabbed my iPhone and learned how to use it almost instantly. He learned how to make his Zen teachings into gold without sacrificing design and user experience.

Think different

Even though simplicity is one of Jobs favorite product assets, he also thought different. During the iPhone creation he wanted to use glass in the front view instead of plastic, while everyone else told him otherwise. That is how he discovered and his team discovered inside one of his supplier factory a weird type of glass that the owner called Gorilla Glass. The rest is history. (By the way, did you know that the iPad was used as inspiration on the making of the iPhone? Jobs thought of the iPad way before the iPhone).

He also saw death as the greatest invention there was. He didn’t act as a loser while fighting pancreatic cancer, he worked harder and thought of better ideas for his creations.


There are many other words that describe Steve Jobs, never the less I tried to make this articles as simple as possible. If you’d like some more information about Jobs, you might want to check out his biography.

What else can you do or think about how to be like Steve Jobs? Can you think of anything else? Please leave a comment with your ideas.