Deciding on a hobby farm type by activity.

When you think about hobby farms, animals, fruit growing and vegetable plots come to mind, however there is so much more than that.  Your plans could include animals, vegetables, flowers, fruit orchards, beehives, vineyards, pigs, chickens, and other livestock, depending on how many of these types of plans you have for your hobby farm determines the size of your acerage.

Determining size of your land:


Your typical backyard could be anywhere from .1 of an acre to .5 of an acre.  Usually in suburban centers it will be around 1/4 of an acre, and this will involve both the front of your property and the back, it may be mostly grass as well.  This doesn't necessarily stop you from doing some activities mentioned above.  If you check your local bylaws you might find that the city council allows beehives and chickens.

Big Backyard:

This could be from 1/2 an acre to 3 acres. This is good news, you will be able to have a really large vegetable and fruit production system however you may be subject to local bylaws stopping you from getting the most out of your land.


This is typically 3 to 10 acres.  You usually find these on the outskirts of the city.  You can usually do anything you want with an acreage that you can do with a hobby farm.  However the main difference is that if you want to profit from it you may need more space.

Hobby Farm:

These are up to 80 acres in size.  Landowners produce some income from the land either from hay production for winter, vegetables grown, eggs laid, or other ways.  However the farm is not their main source of income.

Costs and another option:

When thinking about starting a hobby farm, cost will always come into play.  The cost of buying a suburban property above your typical house section will always cost alot more, also you want to make sure its zoned so that you can use it to plant on.  The cost of owning a acreage or hobby farm will usually be alot more because of the fact that its that much more land.  I live near a city of about 1 million people and acreages out here are about 800k + but generally that will come with a house.

After you have bought your land and house, you also will need a fair amount of equipment to run your farm with.  One thing that you will atleast need is a ride on mower, or small tractor equiped with all the necessary accessories.  Or you could get a handful of sheep and let them take care of the lawns!

Another option is permaculture which basically allows you to get the maximum food production out of a small suburban plot.