Am I getting the real deal?

It is time to top out your collection of Air Jordan shoes and you need to add the rarest of rare Air Jordan’s to your collection, the Air Jordan VI Olympic. This model of the Air Jordan line is often cited as the most difficult shoe to acquire, so when you buy your pair you want to make sure they are authentic. This brief guide will give you some of the discrepancies you should look for when examining a pair for purchase. Let’s jump right in with the most obvious item first.

Find an authentic picture first

First and foremost, you need to find a legitimate picture of a pair of Olympics. There are a variety of sources on the internet, however you should search out a legitimate site. Any search online is likely to return a number of major vendors on the first page. Any of these sites would be a great option to pull multiple pictures from before you start your search for your kicks. These sites invest too much in building up a solid reputation to post fake pictures or sell replica products on their site. Now that you have a starting point, let’s move on and examine the details you should look for in the colorways when examining a pair of potential Air Jordan VI Olympics.

Michael Jordan - The real deal

Michael Jordan

It's all in the color

The colorways on the Air Jordan VI Olympic model are straightforward. The majority of the shoe is white with the toe box and other small sections of the shoe in navy blue. The last part of the colorways we need to discuss is on the sole of the shoe. A section of the shoe on the sole, on the outside edge of the shoe should be clear with an icy blue tint. Often times, the blue tint is off and can appear to be too dark. Colorways are just the first step in examining your potential purchase. Let’s look at some other blemishes you should examine as well.

Texture - Elephant skin versus soft leather

All leather on the shoe should be tumbled leather versus regular leather. How can you tell it is tumbled leather? Your Jordan’s should be soft, with a slight sheen to the leather. If the leather feels or looks rough, this is an indicator your shoes may be a replica. Additionally, the texture of the leather should be like elephant skin with creases running throughout the print. Lastly, there should be a “bubble” in the leather towards the top, near the ankle. This bubble when compressed should “pop” back out. If it doesn’t, you’ve probably got a replica in hand. 

The devil is in the details

The last section we will discuss about the Air Jordan VI Olympic shoes focuses on the small, but various details on the shoes which highlight the fact the shoe is a replica. The first imperfection concerns the “jumpman” logo on the heel. Often times, replicas print this logo off-center on the heel. This is a quick and easy way to identify a replica. Another easy way to identify a replica is the color of the lace lock. The lock on the Air Jordan VI Olympic should be red with a white jumpman. If the lace lock color is anything but this you should highly consider removing this shoe from your list of potential purchases. The last detail we will discuss concerns the air bubble on the sole of the heel. The air bubble should be red in color. Anything other than red is likely to be a fake and not worth your time for further consideration.

Example of real Air Jordan VI Olympic

Making a decision - putting the pieces together

When you are finally ready to make a decision on the purchase of your Air Jordan VI Olympics you should not consider each item we’ve discussed individually. You should examine your potential shoe purchase as a complete picture with all of the items taken into consideration as a whole, not parts. Remember, nothing is perfect and authentic Air Jordan shoes are likely to have minor discrepancies. However, when you take all the points discussed above into consideration you should have a good understanding of whether or not you are purchasing a pair of authentic Air Jordans.

Air Jordan VI Olympic - The real deal