I write mostly for eHow.com, and have been mostly happy with the way I have been earning money there. I have seen an increase in earnings each month that I have been a member, and the increases have been substantial. What more could a person want?

So, in the forums over at eHow, I started reading complaints from fellow eHow members. Many of the complaints were the normal nit-pick type of complaints, but as I read there were some complaints that started to stand out, and made me start wondering whether or not I should just write exclusively for eHow, or if I should start to spread my wings a bit, and write for other sites that offer a way to make some extra money.

The complaints that really rattled me the most, were in regards to the lack of communication, and they were right about that. Article sweeps are a normal occurrence on eHow, but when they do these sweeps, and delete articles for no clear reason, it can be very discouraging. When an article that belongs to you is deleted in the sweeps, they will email you, and tell you that they deleted certain articles, but their explainations can be very vague. If you try and contact eHow regarding the deletion of your article, you are lucky to hear back from them at all.

Then there is the secret algorithm that eHow bases your payment on. Places like Info Barrel make it clear that you make money based on the ads that people click on, eHow pay is based on a secret formula based on page views, people clicking on ads, and whatever other secret stuff they want to throw in. So you can have an article that gets a thousand views, and make nothing, or you can have an article that gets 25 views, and makes five dollars. This can make things very confusing.

Today I found out that eHow members based in the USA may have been losing money for the last few months. I found out that eHow somehow transferred articles from their US members, and put them on their new United Kingdom eHow site. This in itself would probably be alright, but the UK version doesn't have a writers compensation program. So, every time someone clicks on the ads on the UK site, the writers don't get paid, but eHow still does. People all over the site are in an uproar, because earnings have been way down, and this seems to be the one thing that has caused the decrease.

I read an article on Info Barrel by
x3xsolxdierx3x, he said that he had taken down all his eHow articles because of all the trouble the site was having, at first I thought that was a little extreme, but then I sent him a message asking him about his decision, and he told me Info Barrel had many advantages. First he said the communication was way better, he said he would get an answer to questions within 48 hours, this was way better than ehow that never responds to questions. The other thing that made sense was the payment method on Info barrel was clear, no hidden algorithms, this was a big plus too.

I figure that if I can find a place where I can still make decent money, and not have to wonder whether my articles will be there from day to day, then maybe I need to spend more time writing for that place, rather than a place that has a multitude of problems. Info Barrel seems to me, a really good place to write for, so I will write for them more extensively in the future.