I have been searching for hours on the internet in my state of Oregon and I haven't been able to find employers that are willing to give convicted felons a second chance. I know for a fact there is housing and some food available for people re-entering the community. The only resources I can find are basically self help resource such as resume writing, cognitive thinking skills, and other job training skills or equipment available such as computers.

There are some other offers for us as like continuing education programs and working from home programs but all these sources are going to create some sort of debt. So if I'm getting this right I should create debt with out any regards to employment or being able to pay my bills and that it will be all okay and donated to me for free. Wow! But I'm still not eligible for employment? Wow!

I was also told by the employment department that they did not have any resource available like resume writing classes or networking groups any more and I even took the business card from the person who told me this. Then the employment department sent me a letter saying Obamha had made it possible for people who are collecting UI benefits to continue school Associated Degree in my case and continue to collect UI benefits so I signed up for school and informed the UI department and they suspended my benefits so I dropped out of school and they gave them back to me.

I was also told by a counselor at the school that I was attending that they had other people that were on UI benefits and that this just must be a singled out case because the school had never had this problem before with other students. They even sent me home with a letter from the TUI department which is separate from the UI department only in the same building behind unconnected walls that allowed one of there student's to also attend classes while on UI benefits. The school blackened out the name and address of the student on the letter so this kind of information was not given to me.

I have had friends who went right in to the department of employment and signed right up for classes and the department had no problems predetermining there eligibility for benefits my friends never lost a dime of there benefits and got to continue with there educations. HUMMMMM:)

I know that I have tried some of the avenues through the one stop worksouce center like temporary services and all of these Oregon Staffing Associations ASA so called American Staffing Associations explained that I was recently laid off in March of 2009 and have excellent letters of recommendations for my past 12 years of employment and have no court obligations but the result was still nil they were not interested in helping me to find work base on my skills or references because of my felonies which are over 10 years old but are not expunction able at this time due to a DUI that is only 8 yrs and 6mos old.

Oh and some of these head hunters had a lot of job openings....Hum sounds kind of fishy since they are advertising through our States Employment Department. I wonder who is funding them?

I know that there is a lot of opinions on hiring people that have been convicted of a crime but honest to goodness when I was out there were was all of this re-entering the community and programs for drug offenders to complete to have there drug convictions removed with out having to wait the 10 years.

There is something about this system that is really interesting like for instance my friend suffered from Identity theft because one of the States Employment departments' employees took her personal information home with them and left it in there car and my friends' personal information was stolen out of the car and used in an identity crime. Now who is to blame there the person stealing the information or the employment department. Oh, of coarse, every thing is okay now because the employment department apologized.