I was so hysterical about InfoBarrel

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InfoBarrel is a free publishing website where you can submit your own articles. I submitted my first article a week ago and it got denied but I did not want to let negative feelings ruin my passions for writing so I started my second article. 

My second article was also denied and I was really disappointed. However, I did not give up either. I motivated myself to write a third article. I submitted it, waited for almost a day but when I opened my Google mailbox, I saw that InfoBarrel had denied it too: “unfortunately, your article has been denied publication on InfoBarrel”. I sighted. After a minute, I even checked on YouTube for “how to make an article”. I was looking for help because I really wanted to become a writer and it was a shame my articles were simply denied because of grammar errors.

I was angry and frustrated but calmed myself down and wrote another article. This is when I came up with the idea of writing about my own experience. At first, I hesitated as it was a quite personal experience but then, I thought it could be nice for people to read about it and benefit from it, especially since the same could happen to them too. This is why I decided to finish writing it.

But, before I continue with my story, let me ask you something: what was your greatest challenge when writing for InfoBarrel? Have you experienced the same problems? If this is the case, don’t worry as you are not alone. To be honest, this is the 6th article I am submitting to InfoBarrel and I don’t know if it will get approved. If not, then I think I should stop writing there.

On the other hand, despite being demanding, InfoBarrel has the most generous income share to their members. When I look at other publishing websites, I really can’t get myself away from InfoBarrel. It seems that I would make more money here. InfoBarrel has a really great revenue sharing program. Right now, my Google Adsense is pretty bad: I have been using it for almost 2 years but I still haven’t got my first check. 

I want to make this article a great basis for everyone, especially beginners: take care of the spelling, grammar, proper word usage or else, you will experience the same frustration as I did. If you are not sure about the topic you are writing about, don’t do it, be true to yourself. Find a topic that suits you better and about which you can write more easily. And if you have problems with grammar, better ask experts here and ask them how to make your article better.

And please, don’t hesitate to leave a comment as I would appreciate hearing your true feelings about InfoBarrel.