Having the wrong tyre pressure in your car tyres

Unless you have money to throw away carelessly you should be checking your tyre pressure. The tyres are your first contact with the road and you need them to have good air pressure and tread. Don't mistake this with sticking a load of air in your tyre every so often and over inflating your tyre as that is dangerous too.

Over inflating your tyre and guessing what PSI it should be at is plain stupid and dangerous, yet it is not something every one is shown how to do. If you over inflate your car tyres, only the centre of the tyre will have proper contact with the road, making the car less stable. Over inflating your car tyres also means that you get uneven wear down the centre of your tyre, making you have to replace the tyre sooner than if you kept the pressure to the correct PSI.

Under inflating your tyre or not checking your tyre pressure is just as bad, as  that wears out the outside edges of your tyres quicker. Also, did you know you use more fuel in a car that has under inflated tyres? So you are literally pouring your money away because the tyres have more resistance in them the flatter they are, so you use more fuel to push the car the same distance.

PSI is short for pound- force per square inch. It is the result you gain after adding a pound of pressure to a square inch of tyre.

Here is what a tyre pressure gauge looks like, I personally hate reading these things.

What should my tyre pressure be?

In this day and age it isn't the greatest thing to try and read, but there is a much more modern tyre pressure gauge that gives you the reading straight forward and simple.

Accutire MS-4021B Standard Digital Tire Gauge

Digital tyre pressure gauge for sale

The Accutire Ms-4021B Standard Digital Tire Gauge is available at Amazon for less than $10. It has over 300 reviews so as you can see it is a more popular choice than the old fandangled tyre pressure gauge above. One customer on Amazon that purchased the Accutire has stated that he is more than happy with this Digital tire gauge and that he bought it to replace the Accutire Digital tire pressure gauge that he had owned for 7 years. Pretty long innings for any gadget in today's terms, so it is a very hardy piece of equipment, one that pays for itself by making you run your vehicle more economically with correct tyre pressure.

Not only have over 300 people left a review of this product on Amazon but it was also posted as Best Buy from consumer reports. The Accutire is heavy duty and will take being tossed around in the tool box or glove compartment of your car. Good job for someone like me who would misplace it if I didn't keep it in the car.

The Accutire Digital Tire Gauge also has a large LED  with a back light, so even people who can't read things too well will have no worries checking the tyre pressure with this pocket sized Digital tyre gauge. You even get to save money on batteries as it has an auto shut off when you are not using it, which also comes in handy for people like me who have people with tiny hands who switch things on and let the battery run out on everything.

 How to use the Accutire MS-4021B Standard Digital Tire Gauge

Simply unscrew your tyre valve cap and push the Accutire gauge against the valve, read the digital reading and compare it with the recommended PSI of your car make and model. No more squinting at the dial gauge and wondering exactly what it states, just read the numbers, if it is meant to be 30 and it states 30 you have perfect tyre pressure. For less than $10 it will pay for itself by making you keep the correct amount of air in your tyres and there for using better fuel consumption. Just remember to put your valve caps back on once you have finished checking your tyre pressure.

Don't be scared to remove the valve cap

Seriously, there are plenty of new drivers that are scared to touch the valve caps incase they release all of the air in the tyre and get a flat, leaving them stranded. It doesn't work like that, you can remove the cap and it will not release any air until you push on the valve with the implement. I get the fear as I was exactly the same, I used a garage machine the first time, I placed my 20 pence in the machine and bravely took the first valve cap off, truly expecting the air to hiss out profusely, it didn't happen. Yay to me, but seriously, some people have just never had to check their tyre pressure whether that be because they have only started driving or because some one else has always done it for them. It is the same feeling as changing your first tyre, putting fuel in the first time or simply starting that car for the first time,elating yet weary.

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