There are a number of methods to get that white cup back to white again. Some of them require a little more elbow grease than others. Still others have a higher "green" or environmental factor to them. Which one to choose? I've listed quite a few different ways below - take your choice.

Things You Will Need

This completely depends on which methods you utilize. One of them requires denture tablets, another one requires Coke. I'm pretty sure you'll realize that you're gonna need denture tablets and/or coke for their respective methods. NOw without further adieu, the techniques to clean your cup:

Step 1


Wet the inside of the cup
Rub salt on it
Wash it out

The salt provides an abrasive texture which scrapes the mug clean. Naturally the courser the salt, the easier it is to accomplish.

Step 2

Baking Soda Method

Dip cloth in baking soda
Rub on the affected area
Wash it off

Step 3

Bleach Method #1
Stand overnight with a little bleach and water.
Naturally you can do this without bleach, but then you'd need to scour it rather than rub it.

Step 4

Bleach Method #2
Use a 1/2 cup of bleach in the sink with HOT water and dishsoup and let them sit overnight. You can put your sponges in there too.

Step 5

White Vinegar Method

Boil the Vinegar
Fill the mug
Let it soak overnight and wipe it clean.

Step 6

Hybrid Baking Soda and Bleach method.
Drop a bit of baking soda into each white mug. Add a tablespoon of bleach as well. Boil water, and fill the mug. A couple hours later, it'll look white as new. Just don't forget to wash it again afterwards as drinking Bleach is kinda bad for your health.

Step 7

Denture Tablet Method:
Ever wonder how people get their dentures so white?
It's the same stains that are on your cup!
Use the denture tablet, but instead of dentures, your cup.
Make sure that the water can reach all of the stains.
And then watch them all dissolve. (Just like the commercials!)

Step 8

Oxyclean Method
Use Oxyclean - duh.
Wash, rinse, repeat.

Step 9

Coca cola Method:
I actually learned this from Maxim Magazine, and it was a method to clean the toilet. All you needed to do was empty a few cans of coke into the toilet before sleeping as overnight the chemicals within the pop would eat through the stains and it would just need a flush to clean off the pop and uh.. the poop. Naturally it works on tea stains as well. I can't imagine what it does to our insides...
Naturally if you're going to use any chemicals, be sure to clean those off PRIOR to actually using the cup for drinknig again.

Tips & Warnings

You want a tip/warning?
Don't drink bleach :)