Grilling baby back ribs on a charcoal weber grill can provide a quality taste to your meat. When you cook baby back ribs, you want that grilled and smokey flavor to your ribs. Cooking baby back ribs on a weber charcoal grill isn't very difficult. The weber performer charcoal weber grill can store up up to 20 lbs of charcoal. It contains a thermometer, so you can control the temperature when cooking your baby back ribs. Baby back ribs require a proper temperature, to get the quality of taste. Before you fire up your baby back ribs on the BBQ charcoal grill, you'll need to familiarize yourself with some of the web grill parts and features of this charcoal grill.

Performer charcoal weber grill specs and features

The performer charcoal weber grill comes with a lid holder, and a thermoset work table that allows prep work to be done before cooking. The performer contains a a heavy duty steel cart frame, 2 locking casters, a wire bottom shelf, a glass reinforced nylon handle, along with a storage container. The performer charcoal weber grill consists of a thermometer, gas ignition, three tool handlers, hinged cooking grate, along with two charcoal fuel holders.

Performer charcoal weber grills have a built in ash catcher, providing an easier method to preventing charcoal ashes from getting all over your grill. The performer charcoal grill also comes with aluminum vents. The performer charcoal weber grill comes with a cook book as well.

Prepare grill

Charcoal should be added to the fuel holder. About 20 coals per side for a 22.5 diameter bowl. Turn on the gas ignition on, and keep the bowl lid open. The coals will typically take about half an hour before they're read to be cooked on. When the coals are completely ash grey looking, that means they're ready to cook. You'll be cooking the baby back ribs on the indirect method. Meaning the ribs will take over an hour to cook. More coals will probably be needed as you cook the baby back ribs. Recommended temperature for cooking baby back ribs is between 300-350 degrees F. Keep adding coals, to help maintain the temperature.

Cooking baby back ribs on the performer charcoal grill

  • over mitts
  • tongs
  • aluminum foil
  • baby back ribs
  • BBQ sauce

1.) Baby back ribs will take about an 1 1/2 to 2 hours to cook. Before you cook baby back ribs, wrap the grill plate with aluminum foil. It will provide less of mess and be much easier. Baby back ribs should be watched carefully, specifically the thermometer temperature. More coals will probably need to be added. Don't add the BBQ sauce. Keep the the air vents open when cooking. Oxygen needs to circulate to keep the coals burning.

2.) About 10 minutes before baby ribs are cooked, you'll want to add the BBQ sauce to the ribs. Base the ribs with your homemade, or favorite BBQ rib sauce. After the ribs are done, they should be ready to serve with a delicious grilled taste to them. Baby back ribs go great with potato salad, or mashed potatoes. Whichever you prefer! Serve and enjoy! And eat until you're full.