Nowadays, with the proliferation of streaming web video services, it is quite possible to watch TV over the internet, and the choice of movies to watch online has also gone up dramatically. However, it is not usually very satisfying to watch streaming video online hunched over a computer screen. Fortunately, there are quite a few options now to stream internet video to you’re your television, so that you can enjoy your online movies and TV shows from the comfort of your living room couch.


 You do not even need to connect a computer to your TV to watch internet movies on your TV. Although this is certainly an option by using a laptop to TV cable, for instance, you can bypass your computer entirely and watch streaming video online on your TV using a streaming video player, set-top box or game console that can stream video from compatible websites. Alternatively, you can buy an internet-ready TV that can be directly connected to a broadband internet connection to download streaming content.


What are some of the best video streaming set-top boxes for sale?


Buying a streaming video player or set-top box is a great way to easily watch movies and TV shows on the internet. Some of the best options are:


TiVo: Although TiVo is usually thought of as a way to watch live TV programming on your own schedule by pausing and recording shows, the new version of TV will also allow you to access streaming video services from Netflix, Blockbuster and Amazon Video on Demand.


There are also other set-top boxes that are specifically meant to connect to streaming video services, or to download purchased or rented content from streaming video servers. These types of set top boxes include:


Apple TV: This will let you stream video content from Apple’s iTunes store, and also TC shows and movies from Netflix, with a subscription. Netflix has its own streaming video player, the Roku, which will also work with Amazon Video on Demand and other sites including (for music).


Roku XDS Streaming Player 1080pCredit:

Another device, the Boxee Box, isn’t for a specific streaming web video server, but will work with a wide range of TV network sites, as well as YouTube and social networking websites. The VuNow is another similar device that can stream video from various websites, including Netflix, Amazon and a variety of live TV channels globally.


There are some set-top boxes that can be used for streaming video online and also to stream video content stored on their internal hard drives, or on hard drives connected to them. An example of this kind of streaming media player is the Western Digital Live Plus. It can connect to Netflix, but you can also connect it to a hard drive containing streaming media files through its USB port. It can also be connected to your home network using your Ethernet connection, thus allowing you to stream any media content on a home computer on your network.


Then there are some new Blu-Ray disc players that can stream internet video through a wired or wireless internet connection. One example is the LG BD570 Blu-Ray player, which can stream online content from Netflix. Some Blu-Ray players from Panasonic, including the DMP-BD65K, can access Amazon video as well as Netflix.


Gaming consoles to watch streaming video online


The Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii all allow access to online streaming video services. The PlayStation and Wii both can access streaming content from Netflix, although you will need an installation disk from Netflix, which you can get them to send to you. One the Xbox 360, you will need to subscribe to their Xbox Live Gold service (at $50.00 a year) in order to access Netflix through it.


Watch streaming video online using an internet-ready HDTV


Many of the new HDTV sets can access the internet using an Ethernet port or a wireless connection. Such HDTV’s can access both free sites like YouTube as well as paid sites like Amazon and Netflix. You can even get HD content in 1080p resolution from some sites like Netflix and Vudu if your internet connection is fast enough.