Learn how websites make money with little financial investment.


You can make money from developing and managing websites that are free for visitors to use. But just how do websites make money? Just as free TV still makes money from commercials, websites developers can earn from online ads and or internet equivalents to television commercials.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Most every website you go to will have ads on it, which is the most common way for websites to maHow to make money on website.Credit: Bigstockphotoke money. Usually those ads are powered by Google, but several other companies such as Chitika and Infolinks also have ad programs for websites. The advertisers pays Google, or other ad publisher network, every time someone clicks on their ad. The ad publisher, such as Google, then shares a percentage of that click income with the website owner. Most clicks earn in the range of a penny to a couple of dollars.

Don’t think of this has a make money fast idea however. Depending on the website, it can take hundreds of visitors to a site before you see a single click. Also, the ad publishers have sophisticated tracking software to ensure that clicks are legitimate. Website owners, or friends and family of website owners, caught clicking their own ads will be banned from the ad program and lose out on a significant income source.

Direct Advertising

Websites with thousands of visitors a month may be targeted by companies for direct advertising. With this, the advertiser places an ad on the website for a monthly fee. Essentially the advertiser is paying rent for taking up space on the website with its product advertisement.

Affiliate Sales

Outside of advertisements placed on websites, affiliate marketing is a large percentage of how websites make money. The most common affiliate marketing you would probably recognize is Amazon. Website owners will place links to retailers on their site for a sales commission. For example, if you click an Amazon link from an unrelated website and make a purchase, the website owner makes a small commission.

Selling Products

Ecommerce websites sell products directly from their website alongside informative articles. Products can range from the physical, such as clothes or baby items, to electronic items such as ebooks.


Websites that do make money have owners that work hard for their earnings. It takes more than a quickly made website and some links to earn even a penny. Just as with television shows, if no one watches, advertisers won’t pay. If such a venture interests you now that you know just how do websites make money, you should know there is a lot more to learn to have your website found amongst millions of other websites on the internet. To make a website that makes money, you will also have to learn search engine optimization (SEO), website content writing, and Wordpress or other website design platform just to get started. In essence, you have to create a website that looks good to visitors and the search engines for the earnings from ads, affiliates, or products start to show potential. 


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