Stretch marks are horrible discoloration on the skin that are usually caused by a few different things. First and foremost is probably pregnancy in women. This will be the most common cause for anybody getting stretch marks. Gaining weight very fast is another pretty common to cause stretch marks, this doesn't always mean getting fat either plenty of body builders even get stretch marks!


This is why prevention is always the best way to get rid of stretch marks, but if the damage is already done there is no sense looking back. There are a few ways to at least remove the appearance of stretch marks if not to get rid of them completely through a few natural techniques.


Topical Applications

You can find some different cosmetic applications such as cocoa butter and vitamin E cream. They claim to cut the appearance of stretch marks and really aren't that expensive, though there are creams that claim they offer better results that cost considerably more such as Revitol. You can make that decision on which one is best for you but it is a good idea to use at least one topical cream on a daily basis to help you get rid of stretch marks naturally.

As a side note here I want to add that one of the best ways to make sure that you don't get stretch marks, such as if you are body building or getting pregnant. Then you want to use a good topical cream about three times a day and make sure you are completely hydrated. Especially when you are pregnant, you can get dehydrated very quick and your skin will suffer for it.


Adequate Nourishment

This basically equates to, take care of yourself! Your body is a wonderful thing in the fact that if you take care of it, it will take care of itself. This means being properly hydrated, which is important for anything related to your skins health. While getting plenty of vitamins and minerals in your diet and getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Results never come quick when it has to do with diet and exercise, trust me I know and understand. But stick with it while applying your topical cream and you will soon see improvement.


Massaging the Epidermis

Simply by massaging the skin on the stretch mark will improve the circulation of blood which stimulates an increase in cellular growth. This is wonderful because a stretch mark is kind of like a scar and your body just needs to fix it up. You should message yourself about three times throughout the day, but at least one time before bed. Your body does the most recovering while you are sleeping. Also remember it isn't cheating to let someone massage you!