How do we know if what we've learnt is, actually the correct thing, or even so, the right way to think? We all know that all behaviour and understanding is based on previous learning and personal interpretation of one's past experiences, but the question I've wondered is, what if, the things that we've learnt are based on incorrect philosophies? 

A simple example can fully explain my curious confusion. "How do we know if we are all seeing the same colour ?"

My inner conflict arose when I began to delve into the possibility that, what if the sky that I see as 'blue' in my eyes, or the grass that I see as 'green' in my eyes, is not the same as the colour seen through someone else's eyes. They may see the sky as a yellow colour, and the grass as a red colour yet, have been conditioned and taught from birth that the colour for which they see the sky is labelled as 'blue', and the colour for which they see the grass is labelled, 'green'. 

This ultimately accentuates the idea that all our "facts" (ie/ the sky is blue, and the grass is green) have been a consolidation of all the past experiences, teachings and beliefs that we grew up with. Now nearly always, this continual refining of information built up from the past has a lot more pros than cons (if even any cons at all). For example, for us to solve higher level maths problems like complex algebra or differentiation, we would first have to solidify our learning in simple of addition and subtraction. 

However, my point is, that there could be a possibility that what if, the fundamentals of our understanding and beliefs are wrong or not congruent? Such that we've learnt so much based, on a "perceived" understanding. What if, our whole understanding of astrology, biology, psychology, or the way the world works, are built up and based on past evidence, which could coincidentally fit with the way we've been taught to believe things?

So, is there even such a thing as "facts", or is that just what you label a universally accepted belief? Similar to the idea that the Earth was once the centre of the universe, or that the Earth was a flat surface where it suddenly just ends with a chasm, we could still be in a situation where the things that we now "believe" are facts, could very well not be correct. 

Regardless, the chances of all our beliefs being coincidentally incorrect is quite unlikely and improbable to say the least, since all our solutions, cures, treatments, and human development tie seem so logically correct, as they can be closely tied into our proven theories.

However, would it be so wrong as to completely suggest, that our current beliefs are not a 100% accurate representation of the world, universe and life?  So in essence, everything is based on perception, or a perception of a experience, and as we all know, perception is not always reality. So since, every "fact" or "belief" in life has been subject to perception, does that make it real or only just a perceived reality?