How do you Generate Long Tail Keywords?

...using common sense and Niche Finder

Long Tail keywords are keywords that are related to a keyword, but are more specific in nature. Commonly used in search engine optimization techniques and keyword research, long tail keywords are usually targeted to attract a specific type of visitor to an article or site. There are a number of ways to generate long tail keywords, which I’ll go into below, but first I want to go into the benefits of using long tail keywords for online business.

Long Tail Keywords and their benefits

The benefits of using long tail keywords in your online writing is mainly to attract targeted visitors to your material – and it doesn’t matter what that material is. It can be an article, a website, a blog post – whatever. The point is that the use of those specific long tail keywords is designed to attract search engines and human readers alike. In addition to the readership that you want to attract, you also attract opportunities for monetization.

The reason long tail keywords works for monetization is simple, and I’ll explain how using writing for InfoBarrel. Targeted long tail keywords attract specific advertising to be displayed on articles, and also allow the opportunity to present unique and targeted affiliate products. For example ‘toothbrush’ is a generic keyword with lots of competition and not much chance at ranking in search results. But a long tail keywords like ‘Philips rechargeable electric toothbrush’ on the other hand is different. By using a long tail keyword you are likely to attract a specific type of reader (interested in that type of product – and you now have the opportunity to offer them such a toothbrush – thanks to an affiliate link.

Finding long tail keywords using a keyword tool

I love this method because it literally tells you everything there is to know about the keywords. I personally use and recommend Niche Finder, because I find it so powerful yet simple to use. Looking at the screenshot below you can see I’ve searched for ‘garden ponds’ and the related keywords have sprung up. To generate long tail keywords within Niche Finder all I have to do is right click on the keyword I want long tail keywords relevant to, and the software will do it for me.

Niche Finder Screenshot

Long tail keywords can be obvious

If you don’t have a keyword tool like Niche Finder, use your imagination. Do a search for your main term to find natural search results relating to the term and you’ll find long tail keywords. Use your imagination and you may add words like ‘prefabricated’, ‘cheap’, DIY’ or ‘buy’ to the original term ‘garden ponds’ and there you have long tail keywords. The only thing is, you won’t have all the information you would have as if you had used a keyword tool such as Niche Finder. Long tail keywords are no mystery – and they can help drive targeted ready to spend traffic to your online material.