How do you define truth? That is a question that mankind has been pondering for centuries. Is it a question that can be answered simplistically or have we made the issue more complex? Is truth relative or are there absolutes? The way you view these questions and the answers you give reveal what your standards are. Regardless of race or religion there are many standards that many people agree on. Stealing and killing are wrong, children should be protected, and you have the right to protect your family. There are other standards that are more American in there ideals. Women and men are equal, animals have rights and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are guaranteed. Yet there are standards that reveal our personal bias and agendas. For example, are homosexuality, divorce, abortion and the death penalty right or wrong? The thoughts that are conjured up by these statements speak to the first question, "how do you define truth?"

If truth is a reflection of our individual world views than most if not all of our actions become justified, after all justification is not about right or wrong. Justification is about something being acceptable regardless of any standard. One may say if anything can be justified than truth is not absolute but relative. That concept is where many people operate because of the politically correct nature of the statement. That concept is really only comfortable until someone else's truth infringes on our own.

Everyone can't be right therefore there must be absolutes. If there are absolutes than what are they based on? Do you base them on spiritual ideals or even more specifically the bible? There has to be some concept, rule or power greater than yourself in order to believe in absolutes. Most people agree that a society where everyone does what is "right in there own eyes" is not going to function at a high level. If your standard is primarily there to ease your own guilt or to justify a behavior than it is nothing more than an opinion. All true standards must be based on some universal truth. The Declaration of Independence states "we hold these truths to be self-evident…" what we often gloss over are the words written in the preceding paragraph. It is clearly stated the "Laws of Nature and Nature of God" require that certain things be declared. The "founding fathers" understood and recorded in writing certain "natures".

The "Nature of God" is ultimately what our American standards are based on. As "One nation under God" He is our standard. It is an inescapable truth that no matter how many people attempt to erase they fail. It is amazing how through our sophistication and progress we have made God insignificant as result of our own intelligence. The direct result of that is not adhering to the standards and recognizing the truths that we have been created to follow.