How do you feel about modern "Rock"

Here's my opinion piece.

     There once was a time when I was an advocate for a semi-anti-nirvana movement.  The reason for which I say "semi-anti" is because, I like Nirvana.  I always have liked Nirvana.  But I hated the fact that they were being compared to the Beatles, and the name Cobain was held in similar regard to the name Lennon.  Rock stations would play nirvana like it was going out of style, and now, it almost seems it has gone out of style. 

     I used to feel like Nirvana was way over played on the radio stations.  I couldn't wait for them to slow down so I could just enjoy them at a normal rate.  And I prayed that it would happen before I was sick of them all together.

     Now there is no nirvana to be found.  You can't seem to go longer than 30-40 minutes on a "rock" station these days, without hearing a Nickel Back song.  Nickel Back.  Where did these guys come from?  And why do people think that they are so good?  I can't say I understand, and if you can give me some sort of reasonable argument, please, feel free.  The music is "mildly-mediocre" at best.  The lyrics seem as though they were written by a high school kid.  Lots of space filling lines such as "paper-back novel" which just makes no sense to me whatsoever.  I feel as though I could shell out an album worthy of nickelback status, every month.  All though you shouldn't challenge me to this.. I have yet to try, it would be too painful.

     It also bothers me that people can be so oblivious to how repetitive these bands can be, and sometimes they blatantly rip off they're predecessors of the 80's/90's who were far superior.  The lyrics contain no emotional resonance.  The greatest example, is probably Seether, with their "you'll be the death of me" song.  The song in it's entirety sounds exactly like several nirvana songs blended together with a few Alice In Chain's vocals, and far inferior lyrics.

     So in conclusion, I who once was a "semi-anti" nirvana advocate, now pines for the days when Nirvana was over played.  Come back to me nirvana.. These bands such as Nickelback, Puddle of Mudd, Seether, Finger Eleven... (the list goes on..) are blatantly ripping them off, and not doing them justice.  We do still have musician's being signed with meaning behind their lyrics, and overall well written songs, i.e. Jason Mraz, Adele, The Fray.  However, this article is about the state of Rock and Roll specifically, which in recent years, is a complete failure.