Im not referring to the adult baby thing by all means but some adults tend to have a childish mentality at times. Is it because our inner child never really leaves us? Or we are clinging to our youth and expressing this need through behaviour? Or quite simply we're just bored, I'll leave that for you to decide but here are a few symptoms of big kid syndrome:

  1. Its Christmas morning and you run downstairs before the kids.
  2. Your other half tells you to pick up the kids from school, you don't hear her/him, your too busy playing your games console.
  3. Having children was the best thing you ever did, now you've got someone to play games with.
  4. Work hard, play hard, "no its just play hard actually."
  5. Instead of your children telling you what social networking is, you're the one explaining it to them.
  6. You love cartoons and would pick an episode of spongebob squarepants over Jerry Springer any day.
  7. You cant understand why anyone would think you've got big kid syndrome.
  8. You think this list is stupid, but somehow your still reading it.
  9. You spend a lot of time surfing the web looking for free online games to play.
  10. You love gadgets and gizmos and spend way to much money on them.
  11. If you had the option to live your childhood again you would take it up no questions asked.
  12. If humans could have special powers you already know what ones you would want.
  13. Whenever a new Call of Duty game is released you stand outside the store for hours waiting to grab the first copy.
  14. You have a subscription to Playstation magazine.
  15. On your way to work you notice all the other adults reading newspapers.
  16. Your the only one reading Playstation magazine.
  17. Your favourite instrument is the drums because you can bang it loudly and annoy everyone with it.
  18. You have a pet Gerbil or Hamster.
  19. You swap fashion tips with your teenage daughter.
  20. You have converted your garage into a space where you and your friends can hang out.
  21. Your middle aged but you still dress up on Halloween even though your only taking the kids trick or treating.
  22. You have been given several nick names at work.' Cant sit still' is your latest one.
  23. You are seriously considering legally changing your name to something that sounds more cool.
  24. You still haven't given up your dream of joining a sucessful boyband.
  25. Your cleverly named your pet after a character from your favourite TV show.