car stickerFor various legitimate (example: promotions for elections) and illegitimate reasons people put bumper stickers on their car or on cars of other people. What is therefore very good to know is how you can remove it without damaging the car paint in any way. This article addresses various solutions for this problem.

If someone is trying to promote their business or an election candidate then probably the best solution today is not to stick the bumper sticker directly onto the car but to stick it on a magnetic sheet. These sheets are widely available and can be bought both online and offline. Basically you make a magnet out of your paper which naturally sticks to the car and can be removed with no damage whatsoever.

What is even better to know is that nowadays it is possible to buy magnetic paper on which you can print directly with your printer (just check to see if your printer supports it) and this will make it much more convenient to you in promoting your business, etc.

These magnetic papers are great and can be used in many places, such as your refrigerator, medical cabinet, lunch boxes, lockers, etc.

Bumper stickers which are stuck to the glass can be removed by using a hair dryer or blow dryer, which gives off heat thereby loosening the glue. It would be a good idea to cover the surrounding paint with a cloth in order to protect it. One also needs to exercise patience and take time while trying to remove the bumper sticker.

It is also good to know that in many auto shops they sell a heat gun. This works very well in removing the bumper stickers stuck to the car and follows basically the same logic as the hair dryer.

A product which works very well for this problem is Goo-Gone. This is available in art stores or shops where they sell things related to crafts.

Other products which have been known to work are:

  • WD 40
  • Bug n’Tar Remover
  • From 3-M a decal remover and adhesive remover
  • Baby wipes
  • Spray N’Wash
  • Simple Green

Also consider to stick the promotion using a tape rather than glue. You could put this on the inside of the car with the graphics pointing towards the outside.

Whatever you do make sure not to use any razor blade or sharp object to try to remove the bumper sticker – you are guaranteed to damage the paint this way.