I know writing this might make some people angry being that I will give my solutions to this problem. Mind you these are just ideas and are nothing in way of being good or bad. They are just ideas! So please read with an open mind and not a closed one. These are only theories that I have conjured up while laying in bed. Unlike most people my mind tends to drift off trying to find answers to questions above. So without further ado let’s begin.

Overpopulation has taken a foot hold in the media today. Being that the more people in the world the more resources it will take in order to run day to day. How do we even try to make a dent into this situation? Overpopulation can be detrimental to the resources in this planet. To most people they have no clue about resources and how crucial it is.

How do you control overpopulation?

  1. Birth Control:

Birth Control can help in controlling overpopulation in preventing pregnancies and overpopulation. Many countries do not use or practice birth control either because it’s a stigma in their society or it is just too expensive to buy. Since the invention of the pill women and men are able to control when they are able to conceive. When they decide that they want a child all they would have to do is to stop taking the pill.

  1. Sterilization:

This is the most drastic in that the person will not be able to conceive at all. Once sterilization occurs there is no way to reverse it. Although doing this may also help lower over population in this planet it is looked upon with negativity. Many will view this with disdain and will not agree with it. This will take some convincing to the masses on the pluses of this

  1. Genetics:

Using genetics to control overpopulation is a new idea. In this genetics will play a role in creating more births to females rather than to males? The idea is that if there are more females born and less Males born the overpopulation will begin to subside. With fewer males around females will not be able to reproduce. Although genetics could be a viable alternative to sterilization it can have its drawbacks as well.

  1. Limiting Births

This feature might work by making writing up laws which will prevent couples from having too many children. If I’m not mistaken I think China has a law like that. But even this has its problems as well. Even while the law is in effect people are still having more than 2 children per family. As we all know there are always ways around laws so this may or may not work. I’m pushing to may not work.

Like is said before in the beginning these are just ideas that popped into my head there are millions of other ideas that people can use to solve overpopulation. Unfortunately, No matter how we look at it or what ideas people come up with the human population will continue to rise. I think in the end Mother Nature will decide on how to better deal with this situation.