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     So you Transgender. What next? Well you can choose to remain hidden or come out to the world. Tell everyone, or tell no one. Regardless of who you tell, telling your parents you're Transgender can be the most daunting and scary things you will ever do. It's up to you how you handle your life. This can also be one of the most important steps you ever take and requires careful consideration. Here are some ideas about how to tell you parents you're Trans.

      Write your parents a letter and mail it too them. This gives you the advantage of being able to take the time to organize your thoughts and prepare exactly what you want to say. Once it is in the mail you cannot change your mind.

      Arrange a special meal at a restaurant so that you are in public and there is less chance of yelling etc. You can sit down and have a quiet dinner and explain to them the situation. Being in public means they are less likely to respond by freaking out but rather calmly as the public situation dictates. However you do face the long quite car ride on the way home.

      Record a video about your sexual orientation and get your parents to watch it. This is similar to writing a letter by giving you the chance to prepare your thoughts and present them in the best way possible.

      Sit them down in the living room and just talk to them about it. “Mom, Dad...I'm Transgender”. This is the most direct and effective way to get your message across but can be the most intimidating and scary. You may end up being run over by their reactions and not be able to explain yourself properly.

      Have a trusted member of the family talk to them about it for you. If you have an aunt or uncle whom you trust and that know your gay you may want to get them to talk on your behalf. You will make sure you get the message across and thus avoid you choking up or loosing your nerve. However it does mean that someone else is speaking for you and you have to let them put words into your mouth.

      Transgender FlagIf you are dating someone and they are very brave and supportive you can get them to come over and together you can explain to your parents that you are trans. Having someone there to support you would help a lot and make it easier for you to explain yourself and get the message across.

      So as you can see there are many ways to tell your parents that you're transgender. Which ever way you decide to tell them, if you decide to tell them, it might be a good idea to have some brochures from you local LGBT centre helping you explain what exactly being transgender means and any kind of available family support there is available. You should garner as much backup as you possible can. You have some idea how your parents are going to react because you know them. If you think they are gonna kick you out of your home it probably would be a good idea to wait until you can support yourself to tell them. Weight the risks with the consequences and if your life is going to suck for the next four years then don’t tell them. Remember take your time, there is no rush and you want to do it properly and still have a place to sleep. So good luck, be safe and be sure to enjoy your life!

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