Payroll software is easy to use and simplifies the whole business of wages and contributions.

It enables you to keep control over your business and ensures that all your paperwork is up to date with HMRC.

Payroll software comes in various formats but it works in much the same way as was once part of the bookkeepers’ duties. As each new employee joins your company, all details such as tax status, National Insurance, number, date of birth, address and bank details are noted. All wages payments and deductions are processed, the wages paid into the bank and any holiday pay, absences or overtime accounted for.

Payroll software carries out all these tasks with a click of the mouse. All these calculations can be carried out by the software and any changes to tax can be automatically noted. HMRC advise companies that payroll software makes payroll tasks much easier to complete.

The compulsory online filing of the employer Annual Return and associated in year starter and leaver forms has added to the work of the payroll dept and now is much easier to submit. 

Payroll software is the perfect tool for any book keeper. Obviously it does not completely replace the services of a book keeper or wages clerk because all data has to be entered and acted upon but it makes the job much easier.

The payroll software will remind you when you need to complete tasks such as sending off tax returns or when an employer is leaving or changing their status. It also provides you with the relevant legal documentation that you can convert to PDF and print out.

 The best payroll software is user friendly and works in a simple and easy way that supports your business. Features such as crisp clear display, easy to use commands, and programmable features that enable you to add on issues that particularly affect your business are important..

Overtime, payments for special duties, bonuses and special payments can be entered into the programme along with the universal features such as hours, tax and deductions.

For small businesses, payroll software is a boon. This is a secure system that helps you keep on top of all your payroll, wages and tax issues. Many small businesses or growing businesses who previously may have had to employ the services of an outside bookkeeper can now get the same support from this easy to use software. 

Larger companies with a more complicated structure, such as nursing agencies for example, who need to factor in multiple employers as well as numerous employees with different pay rates and hours each week, will find that payroll software is the only viable way of managing the payroll in house.

As anyone involved in working in the payroll department will tell you, nobody considers this aspect of their company until there is an error with a payslip or a problem with the tax return. Payroll software is easy to learn and easy to use and helps keep the life blood of any company flowing quietly in the background.