Wedding reception food is so crucial that it can seem the biggest part of your day. It is imperative that you prepare the appropriate food to feed your invitees. What denotes the appropriate menu anyway? Is there a manual to help the uninitiated? Can't one simply get any edibles for the wedding day? Is there any difference at all regarding wedding food and other party fare?

When we mention party, the usual thing that comes to mind is a casual social get together. It is where a number of people, usually with the same background, are spending time together for a distinct reason or task or simply to have a good time. That is how come the word "party" is typically used with a descriptive word to note the type of event. It also gives you an idea who your visitors will be. Examples are bachelor's party for single men, kid parties for children and wine tasting parties for adults.

The sort of event and the age and religious persuasion of the guests are two huge factors that limit the food to be served. Cocktail parties should of course have cocktails to delight their mature guests. Some hors d'Å“uvres would be perfect to absorb the party cocktails and punches. In a kid's party, you may want to think about what little ones like so your menu can include lasagna, burgers, and milk shakes.

Wedding receptions, usually, are a much more personal and proper gathering. Though a couple can either agree to have an extravagant theme or a very informal one, the term "wedding" is considered formal and respected. An additional difference that makes wedding receptions different from other social gatherings is the diversity of its guests. The revelers may even have varying religious beliefs, heritages, and education. Aside from the theme of your special event, all of those things are factors that you need to consider when shopping for wedding food.

There are a few factors to keep in mind when you begin to create a menu for your wedding guests. The first aspect to decide is how late in the day your party will be. Unlike other occasions, where tradition dictates a time of day (Christmas parties at night, kids celebrations during the afternoon), weddings can vary. They occur anywhere from early in the day to late at night. The edible offerings as well, should be chosen for the hour. Buffets and circulating trays of food can be prepared at mid-day wedding celebration while a traditional menu is expected for evening receptions.

For early morning or breakfast receptions, you may serve croissants, waffles, muffins, pastries and other typical breakfast foods. Beverages include coffee, juice and sometimes bloody marys. Luncheons are great for those who are getting married during late morning to lunch. For late afternoon or early evening gatherings, you can circulate appetizers and alcohol, and for the dinner time wedding party, a family style plated set-up with often more than three courses is deemed proper.

So, is there a difference between wedding reception edibles and party fare? Well, maybe, maybe not. Because wedding reception foods and common party foods actually overlap. You can have distinct kinds of parties and there are different themes for your special day. The important part is that when you choose your food, the listed three considerations should always be kept in mind – theme, time, guests.