Most people have heard or even watch the famous movie "The Secret". They also have a good idea about the Law of Attraction and how it works. However, despite their knowledge, they are unable to manifest their desires in their lives. Why?

The reason is quite simple. The Law of Attraction clearly states that in order to manifest a desire or a goal in life, its important to have an emotional connection with it. You need to "want" the goal rather than merely achieve it. There is a world of difference between wanting something and simply trying to achieve it. When you want something, you are engrossed in thinking about it, looking at it and dreaming about it. You are using your physical, mental and emotional energy to attract it. On the other hand, when you want to achieve something, you may not want it but you would like to have it because of some logical reason.

For example, lets say there are two students in a class. Both of them are good performers and achieve high grades. Student A wants a scholarship because he has this intense desire to study further and there is no way he can do that without the scholarship. On the other hand, the student B wants the scholarship because it signifies an achievement. He does not really need it. So, who do you think will actually end up getting the scholarship? Naturally, student A because he is using all his energies to attract the scholarship. He can only think about achieving it and does not think of any thing else.

If you want to attract something in your life, you need to summon all your emotional and mental energies to achieve that goal. You cannot think of situations like "what if". Your should have complete conviction and faith that you will achieve the goal. This will help you to attract and manifest your desires in your life!