Money is an extremely important part of our lives and we cannot live without it. It affects just about everything we do in life and how we live our lives.

Think about it, money has been around for many years and it is a part of our culture with great history. We have come to rely on old dollar bills and coins yet at one time in history money was made from various materials, including seashells and beads. Back before the exchange of currency for goods, trading was the primary means of exchange. There was a bartering system in place to allow individuals to get the goods they required.

So how does money affect how we do things in our everyday lives? 

First, money goes by various names depending on what country you’re located in. For example, in South Africa is it called rands while in Canada it is called dollars.

Individuals often times use the various currencies to make more money for themselves or for their businesses. They bet on the stock market hoping to prosper financially from their speculations. 

Other individuals do the complete opposite. Rather than investing their money and speculating they use their money to purchase assets and generate passive income.

Secondly, depending on which country you are in money is not equal. For example, you may take one dollar to South Africa where it will be worth eight rand. While you may think you are getting more money when exchanging in your one dollar for eight rand this may not be particularly true. Many factors come into play – whether goods and services are more expensive in South Africa, etc. If you want to create a lifestyle of your dreams you ultimately have to create a monthly passive income. It is important to assess how you want to live your life on a monthly basis and how much that lifestyle will cost you. Also, ensure you put a plan into place to make sure you are able to realize your passive income goal and the lifestyle you dream of!

Thirdly, depending on your lifestyle choices and your values money has a different meanings. Some individuals prefer to spend their money on products, services, life’s pleasures and valuables while others see money as a reward for doing great things. Which category do you fall into?

Fourth, money is a good face and a bad face. Money has the ability to provide use with the means to doing great things for our loved ones and to help those in need.

Money also has a bad side that makes people commit crimes and go to extremes because of their love for the “green”.

Reflecting on your own life how do you manage the good and bad side of money?

Fifth, for some money is confusing and they believe it is complicated. Often times individuals will leave their money in the hands of so-called financial experts to deal with and avoid taking the time to learn about their finances. Yet, money is such an important piece of our lives that ignoring it could be your biggest mistake. Money and what you do with it has the ability to change your life forever.

Money requires a plan. Do you have one? It’s time to get your finances straight and take the time to understand how money can positively affect your life before it’s too late!