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You are wondering how in the world can ice water help me with my diet, but in this article I will show you how it can help you burn a few extra calories a day. Granted, you won't burn a lot of calories by drinking ice water, but every single calorie you burn is one less on your body at the end of the week, month and year! You will quickly see how drinking ice water can help your diet.

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Things You Will Need

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Step 1

Drink Ice Water instead of just water...

Of course you should be drinking water, this is simply stating the obvious! We need at least 6 glasses of water a day, that are at least 8 ounces. Now some people will advocate drinking at least 6 glasses of fluid, like juices. But when you are dieting you are better off eating the fruits and vegetables instead of juicing them.
Because eating them is more filling than drinking the juice. With juice you do not get the pulp of the fruit or vegetable so you are missing out on vital fiber and other nutrients that are in the vegetable as well. Diet soda or any other soda pulls calcium from your bones as well as other minerals. So for your own health and diet goals you really should be drinking Ice water. Ice water is also zero calorie so as you read on you will see how zero calorie water can actually become a negative calorie drink!

The words negative calorie simply means that it takes more calories to burn or process a food or drink item than the item actually has.

Interested? read on!

Step 2

How does drinking Ice Water create Negative Calories?

Ice water is 32 degrees Ferinheight it just hasn't turned to ice yet (the reason is superheat, but I will not go into that here)
Your body burns calories to creat energy to support metabolism, and exercise right?
Well your body burns calories to change the 32 degree water into 98.6 degree water as it absorbs it into your system! Since water is zero calorie and it takes

calories to increase the waters temperature... Ice Water becomes a negative calorie drink!

Your body takes 1 calorie of energy (stored fat) to raise the temperature of 2.2 pounds of water from 32 to 33 degrees Ferinheight! ‚Â ‚Â ‚ ‚Â ‚
So, do you see how you can help your weight loss by drinking water?

Step 3

Learn how many calories you can actually burn drinking Ice Water

According to this theory, by drinking just one 16 ounce glass of Ice water you will burn 17.5 calories!
Now granted, this is not a lot of calories, but I didn't say you would burn lost of calories in the beginning of this article.
But, lets suppose you drink 5 (16 ounce) glasses of Ice Water a day... that is 87.5 extra calories you have burned by simply drinking Ice Water!

Guess what... that is 612.5 extra calories that you burn in just one week by simply drinking Ice water!
That calculates out to 2,625 calories burned a month, and 31,500 calories a year!
All those calories lost simply by changing from drinking tap water to Ice Water!!! So now what are you going to do?
I don't know but from now on I am drinking Ice water!

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