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You have undoubtedly arrived here looking for the answer to the question “How is asbestos dangerous?” This is a perfectly good question that comes with a large variety of answers. Throughout this article much emphasis will be placed on providing you with the most thorough answer possible. As such, an examination of what asbestos is the symptoms of overexposure to this substance, and the many diseases and conditions that can result from asbestos in your living or working space. If you understand these three specific aspects of asbestos, then you will have no trouble taking the next steps to protect you and your family from this product.

Answering the question “How is asbestos dangerous?” first begins with a light analysis regarding what asbestos actually is. Asbestos is a heat resistant silicate mineral that can be stretched into very thin fiber sheets. Because of this, it is fairly easy to understand why this substance has been used in household products for at least a century. It can be quickly applied to a large variety of products like popcorn ceilings, linoleum floorboards, and drywall fragments. Asbestos is fire proof to a good degree, and allows these types of products to last for a long time.

Still, in asking how is asbestos dangerous you have undoubtedly opened a can of proverbial worms. The early symptoms you may experience from prolonged asbestos exposure may help you see how asbestos can be viewed as a threat. Even with a minimal amount of exposure to this substance, you may begin to feel lightheaded and end up with a large array of breathing disorders. For instance, many people report coughing and wheezing a lot. While these effects can be comparable to the common cold or a less threatening disease like asthma, they are the early signs of having a condition directly related to asbestos exposure.

In asking “How Dangerous is Asbestos?” you may also be concerned about the more potent effects asbestos poisoning can have on your health or the health of people around you. The later symptoms you experience may be related with a more serious disease or condition, and as such you should definitely see a health care professional if you are experiencing any of these effects on your body. Included in this list is the numbing or an unnaturally blue coloring of your skin, especially around your toes and fingers.  You may also experience cardiovascular problems like heart or lung problems.

So, how is asbestos dangerous? Ultimately, your largest concerns will be related to chronic and acute illnesses that can develop after a long period of time. Medical conditions like cancer and lung disease are just the tip of the iceberg. It is also possible that you may develop a special illness that is directly correlated with asbestos exposure named asbestosis. This is an unusual lung condition that affects the lining of your lung. Another condition you may have heard of on television is mesothelioma, which is a form of cancer is originated in the mesothelium of your body. This multitude of negative effects can all result from simple exposure to this toxic substance.

How is asbestos dangerous? It should be apparent to just about anyone that this mineral composite is able to negatively influence an individual’s life. From the basic symptoms that are clear signs that your health has been impacted improperly, to life threatening and often fatal illnesses; it is no wonder that so many people fear asbestos in their day to day life. One thing should be ever clear to you: if you have an asbestos contamination at your home, you should seek to remedy to the problem as soon as you can. Even though it might cost some money, in the long run it is extremely well worth it.